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/1. marec   We are starting the tenth Start:up Slovenia and announcing the new round of P2, SK75 and SK200 financing! The already sixth investment round SK75 and SK200 of Slovene Enterprise Fund and the tenth edition of the competition Start:up Slovenia with P2 will be presented in detail at Forum 100% Startup this spring once again. The forum is scheduled for Tuesday, 14 March, in Technology Park Ljubljana and we will simultaneously carry out a series of nine roadshow events that will happen from 9 to 17 March in Celje, Velenje, Kranj, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica, Koper, Slovenj Gradec and Novo mesto. We suggest that you also mark 22 March 2017 in your calendars for applying to the pre-selection procedure for the competition Start:up Slovenia with P2 and obtaining SK75 and SK200 investments! > More
/22. februar   How much does my word count, what is whose, and who is truly in charge? Human resource management sounds like a thing that only “dinosaur” corporations deal with. But this is of course not the case, because it is in startup companies where people are the most important for realizing an idea, and we can only form a winning startup team with clear communication and clearly-defined tasks, roles and expectations! These were the words of the doctor of psychology and CEO of HRM Maja Fesel Kamenik at the lecture on forming and managing teams, intended for winter bootcamp participants who received Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment last autumn. This is how she accompanied them on the path to harmonious work and creation with the first co-workers and an optimal process of coordinating team growth. > More
/19. december   Platform SEOVISOR also available for marketing activities in the US SEOVISOR, innovative self-service SEO (search engine optimization) platform, which includes numerous innovative concepts in the search marketing industry, is now available to all small and medium-sized companies and startups aiming at the American market. The product, which also obtained Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment, solves the problem of monitoring online markets dynamics and does so a lot more affordably than big companies pay for this purpose now. > More
/16. oktober   About disruptive ideas, getting inspiration from Raffaello pralines, and other advice for convincing investors! In Technology Park Ljubljana on 29 and 30 September, we carried out this year’s autumn DEMO days for the already fifth generation of startups contending for SK75 and SK200 investments of the Slovene Enterprise Fund. > More
/28. september   Business Angel Conference EBAN Winter University 2016 with the pitching competition Zagreb Connect Investment conference Coinvest is joining forces with EBAN Winter University 2016 Investment conference Coinvest is joining forces with EBAN Winter University 2016 in Zagreb, on 29 and 30 November 2016. More than 1,700 participants, 400 investors, 100 startups and a prize fund worth 50,000€! Startups, this is the last call for the application, which can only be submitted until 1 October! You can find more information about the event here. > More
/20. september   We received 40 applications for the autumn round of SK75 and SK200 investments! The first pitches are behind us, now we’re preparing for DEMO Day On Friday, 16 September, the atmosphere in Technology Park Ljubljana was slightly more charged than usual. 40 startup companies applied to the autumn round for obtaining Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 and SK200 investments. With their personal pitch – presentation of the product, team and business model – they had to convince the evaluation committee of startup mentors. This time the cast included 14 members who were visibly excited about the quality and promise of most teams and ideas! > More
/6. september   The application deadline for the pre selection of autumn products SK75 and SK200 of Slovene Enterprise Fund is 8 September! For everyone applying to pre-selection procedures of autumn producs SK75 and SK200 from the Slovene Enterprise Fund (SPS), below is a summarized overview of the key dates and steps for the tender application. > More
/31. avgust   Slovenians heading up the hotel revolution! The work of hotels across Europe is improving, also thanks to the Slovenian startup team that created the app Facility, which is best described as a digital brain for hotels. It contributes to a faster and better flow of information in one place amongst all hotel employees, from maids to directors. The ABC accelerator also significantly contributed to its success. > More
/22. avgust   The autumn round of financing startups with 75,000 € and 200,000 € of seed capital from the Slovene Enterprise Fund has begun! From 26 August 2016, with a series of nine roadshow events across Slovenia, the Initiative Start:up Slovenia started this year’s autumn round of financing startups. Slovene Enterprise Fund’s products SK75 and SK200 enable innovative companies with potential for rapid global growth to acquire a 75,000 € convertible loan or a 200,000 € public equity investment, as well as to enter two intense accompanying supporting programmes. > More
/27. junij   VIAR is going to Seattle and expanding its team! ​Celje-based startup VIAR, recipient of Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment, succeeded in obtaining an investment in the amount of 105,000 USD and a place in the programme of the esteemed high-tech American B2B accelerator 9mile Labs from Seattle. > More
/17. maj   Beeping into a partnership and a discount for a safe and clean home! A warm and safe home is the basis and necessity of every individual and family. A clean and fragrant home is one of the most pleasant things, but sadly we run out of time to clean all too often. The Ljubljana-based startup Next, recipient of Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment, launched their product Beeping about a month ago in Ljubljana – it’s a web platform for scheduling professional home cleaners. > More
/29. marec   With 15 % discount to the Romanian Techsylvania! This spring, between 21 and 24 May, Cluj-Napoca will be a gathering place for leaders and creators in the IT and tech industries. > More
/15. marec   Start:up Slovenia competition kick-off and announcement for the P2 grant and SK products of the Slovene Enterprise Fund After a year and a half since the first SK investments of the Slovene Enterprise Fund and eight rounds of the Start:up Slovenia competition and P2, we will start this year’s activities for financing and supporting innovative startups with the traditional 100% Start:up Forum on Thursday, 24 March, and a series of roadshow events across Slovenia from 18 to 31 March. > More
/11. februar   12 recipients of autumn SK investments are known! There are now 45 companies in the SK family, and they’ve received 3.8 million € of capital Last week, the Slovene Enterprise Fund signed contracts with 12 startups from the autumn round of SK products. Nine young innovative companies will thus receive a convertible loan SK75 in the amount of 75,000 € and three companies will receive the SK200 investment worth 200,000 €. > More
/3. februar   Slovenian Zebra BI amongst most promising apps for data visualization! The well-known CIOReview magazine from California places the Slovenian Zebra BI product on the list of “20 Most Promising Data Visualization Solution Providers for 2016” due to its sophistication and simplicity in making business presentations, reports and analytical portals. > More
/27. januar   The Swiss will invest into Slovenian startups! Leading Swiss programming company Netcetera is looking for promising startup companies from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. They are planning five investments in 2016 and future investments with similar speed in the next few years. Startups won’t receive only financial support but also other resources, such as expert knowledge and access to market that a company like Netcetera can offer. > More
/18. januar   New global project of and imminent entrance of an international strategic investor!, web platform for finding and booking sport coaches, founded last year and a recipient of Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment, is rapidly developing and offering new innovative services. Now they will not only offer traditional sport trainings and coach bookings but live online video training sessions as well. The start of this offer will be marked by the celebrity online workout session with tennis star Ana Ivanović. In the next few months, they will also announce the entrance of a strategic investor, a multinational company, and launch new additional projects with global reach. > More
/7. december   Slovenian victory at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in London! The team of the Slovenian-English startup EqualEyes yesterday once again won a 24-hour programming marathon, this time at one of the biggest tech conferences, TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015! After this year’s Droidcon Hackathon at the end of October, where it won with a fun app for the Google smartwatch, they now convinced the Disrupt Hackathon jury with the app FreeMe for helping human trafficking victims. > More
/3. december   Don't be afraid of crises and watch your money! This is the key advice for SK75 recipients at the end of bootcamp Last week, the spring generation of SK75 investment recipients concluded the accelerator programme Start:up GeekHouse together with Matt Mayfield from CEED Slovenia and some advice for successful global sales. > More
/20. oktober   Investment SK given to 33 innovative startups! Which one has the biggest potential to become a global success story? In last year's autumn and this year's spring investment cycle (for which they’ve just signed all contracts), Slovene Enterprise Fund (SPS) supported altogether 33 innovative startups. So meet the innovative companies that are an important part of the national supporting environment for startups, and let us know which one you think has the biggest potential to become the next Slovenian success story or whether there is one amongst them that you’d wish to meet or collaborate with? > More
/12. oktober   Looking for Slovenian unicorns or what can we learn from SK investment seekers? Proven and confirmed! We talked to the startups and jury of the autumn SK Demo Day about how to successfully carry out a demanding and complex process of financing. They confirmed that we more than need financial products, such as SK75 and SK200 for obtaining a 75,000 € or 200,000€ investment from Slovene Enterprise Fund. And that finding a private investor still isn’t easy despite the increasingly bigger offer of private capital, which is why startups on their marathon run from confirming their idea on the market to international customers and everything in between still think that the government is currently one of the best Slovenian investors. At the same time, they reveal their advice and experiences for such a long-distance run. > More
/14. september   10 critical mistakes that can cost you your global success! Shutting your eyes to a technical debt, geographic limit(lessness) of the market, unrealistic expectations of team members, not a clear enough vision, lack of persistence, wrong customer segment, not using the build – measure – learn loop, not taking the team and development metrics into account, forming the team and motivation, and lying to yourself and others about the product/market fit are the ten critical mistakes that most often cost startups their global breakthrough and success. > More
/19. avgust   Starting the autumn round of startup financing with 75,000€ and 200,000€ in seed capital from the Slovene Enterprise Fund On Tuesday, 1 September, we’re starting a series of ten roadshow events all across Slovenia to begin a new round of startup financing with 75,000€ or 200,000€ in seed capital. The autumn tenders for Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 and SK200 products give innovative startups an opportunity to acquire a 75,000€ convertible loan or a 200,000 equity investment as well as join the accelerator programmes Start:up Geek House and Go:Global Slovenia. The deadline for submitting applications for the pre-selection process for both products is Thursday, 10 September. The roadshow events will give you all the information on how and why you should apply, and the advice and experiences of startup entrepreneurs who already received Slovene Enterprise Fund’s investment. > More
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