Kamnik laboratory for rapid prototyping KIK Lab is opening its doors!

Day 15. February 2017
The Kamnik-based coworking space KIKštarter is aware that there are always ways to improve work. That’s the reason why they tackled problems faced by inventors, innovators, developers, in short everyone who is working on creating new products, solutions and services, and why they founded the rapid prototyping lab KIK Lab. The lab offers a creative environment, which joins the educational and practical parts of developing business ideas based on developing physical products.


The whole article is published in Slovenian at: http://www.startup.si/sl-si/novica/280/kamniski-laboratorij-za-hitro-prototipiranje-kik-lab-odpira-svoja-vrata-. If you want additional information about this event, please write to us at info@startup.si
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