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Startups and scaleup companies are normally the ones that shake the society, maybe not in its core, but they certainly aren’t only changing the business but also the social environment with their solutions. Their common feature is that they are difficult to build, but if they succeed, they offer high added value. Therefore, they should be given special attention and efforts should be aimed at building a business environment conducive to the establishment and growth of these innovative businesses.


To facilitate the start of the entrepreneurial journey, we have prepared a roadmap of services available in Slovenia.


Slovenia, the Land of Startups


Years of systemic development of the startup ecosystem have already established an environment in Slovenia that can offer competitive conditions and numerous benefits to startups. The idea of developing Slovenia as a dynamic hub for startups comes alive with many successful start-uppers and companies that are a source of connections, inspiration and experience, which they are willing to share with others




Consulting and Infrastructure

Any advice comes in handy. Do you know whom to turn to with your entrepreneurial idea? Where to find mentoring and counselling support? Where to find business premises for your startup or scaleup company that, in addition to infrastructure, also offers the company of other similarly innovative entrepreneurs?







Mentoring, expert council, accelerator programme, Startup Clinic and the KorpoStart startup corporate connection programme for connecting startups and corporations are available. If you are the recipient of P2 or SK funds, the support environment not only provides your business with financial support but also offers you valuable content support, specifically tailored to the challenges and needs of young businesses on the path to growth.





Administration and Taxes

Quality information is the key to a successful business. Therefore, you need to know the administrative procedures, legislation and tax rates to know how long it takes to start a business and to know the challenges in the entrepreneurial path.





Public Funding Sources


An incentive to start a company? Why not! Seed capital for growth? Great! A convertible loan to expand the team? Even better! Vouchers for special challenges, such as patent protection and foreign market research? Welcome! Co-investment of a private investor and the Slovene Enterprise Fund that doubles the private investment? Excellent! The Brussels SME instrument for the breakout of the most ambitious and so much more is available




Private Funding Sources

Angel investors, venture capital funds, corporate resources and accelerators. Without investments, the business will achieve success with difficulty. So, who are investors in Slovenia and where to go to address them?



Who's Who in the Startup Community


Not only because it is nice to know people, but mostly because connections in the business world are especially valuable. The so-called map of key stakeholders of the Slovenian startup ecosystem offers a great insight to whom you can turn to at some point. Flip it through.


start:up MAP


Events for Startups


Socializing is enjoyable and networking beneficial. Whether it is one-time events or those that are constant on the calendar of the Slovenian startup ecosystem, attending them can be very valuable. They are not just for making new contacts, but also for acquiring new knowledge and skills.


All key events for startups in one place.


START:UP events


Tools, Gadgets and Tips


Life is easier with gadgets. Therefore, we have prepared a toolkit for business planning and added other tools and useful tips for startups.




Startup register


To know who is who, how many are out there and how good they are, we set up a Register of Innovative Start-ups, kept by the Slovene Enterprise Fund. Start:up Slovenia invites you to register. Their numbers are not just statistics.


Above all, enlisting in this register for startups brings benefits and support in claiming them.


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Slovenian Startup of the Year Award


We seek, feature and reward ambassadors of Slovenian startup entrepreneurship. Those startup companies and their teams represent a new generation of Slovenian innovative entrepreneurs with their achievements, actions, reputation and development potential.





PODIM Conference

Being aware of the importance of networking and the value of good partnerships, we prepare PODIM, the central event of the regional ecosystem for networking among startups & scaleups, investors and corporations, as well as a great opportunity to gain new knowledge.


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Jobs Ads & Opportunities

Employees are the highest value asset of the company. Because talent deserves a stimulating work environment with great startup associates, our recruitment platform offers help finding talent and opportunities to connect and collaborate.


start:up ads


Start:up Slovenia Membership

Membership brings added value. This is why we invite all individuals that are active in the Slovenian startup ecosystem as well as startup sympathizers to join us and enjoy the benefits of membership.


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