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Signpost for Investors


DEMO Days and Networking

The startup DEMO Day with investors is a constant in pre-selection procedures for P2 and SK75 tenders of the Slovene Enterprise Fund implemented by Start:up Slovenia. They offer opportunities for startup pitching, which offers investors great insight into potential investment opportunities.


Investor Events

Socializing is enjoyable and networking is beneficial. Whether it’s one-time events or those that are a constant on the calendar of the Slovenian startup ecosystem, attending them can be very valuable. With over 900 meetings between startups & scaleups, investors and corporate partners, the annual PODIM Conference that takes place in May stands out with networking opportunities. Read more... 


Startups Catalogue

All Slovenian startups & scaleups are in one place. It is very helpful to know who is who, how good the corporate ecosystem is and what are your next investment opportunities. Read more...


Investors Catalogue

It is also good to know who are other investors that invest in Slovenian startups. Business Angels, Venture & Private Equity Funds, Private Investors - all investor names in the country are gathered in one folder. Read more... 

Co-Investment Scheme

The Slovene Enterprise Fund SI-SK tender offers companies the opportunity of co-investment with independent private investors (business angels, private/venture capital funds or corporations). It provides equity financing for fast-growing innovative companies in the early stages of development.


Companies supported with investments by independent private investors are then supported by the Slovene Enterprise Fund with an additional co-investment in equal amount. Read more...



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