Start:up Slovenia Project


The Start:up Slovenia Project aims to recognize best Slovenian innovative startup companies at the earliest development stages and to expertly support them and promote them to the public.


The project was launched in 2004 when the Venture Factory Institute registered the Start:up Slovenia brand. In 2008 we first organized the Start:up Slovenia Contest, in which almost 1.000 startups have participated so far.


In 2011 on the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development and technology, the Start:up Slovenia competition became associated with the P2 startup incentive of the Slovene Enterprise Fund. This enables companies to take part in the pre-selection procedure of Start:up Slovenia to acquire additional points for the P2 tender.


From the beginning, we have given the best startup the title of Slovenian Startup of the Year, which is symbolized by a crystalline statue that the winning team receives at a high-profile event within the PODIM Conference. 



We Upgrade And Complement Start:up Slovenija 

Every year, we have upgraded the Start:up Slovenia Project promotionally, methodologically, organisationally and technologically to meet the increasing dynamics of establishing startups as well as increasing interest in public funding programmes.

For this purpose, we have developed key tools that enable quality implementation: a great promotional event Forum 100% Startup; roadshow events in major Slovenian cities; prominent media campaigns for product promotion of the Slovene Enterprise Fund, all dedicated to startup companies.

We have also provided a friendly and efficient central application system,, to entrepreneurs. In addition to the pre-selection for the P2 product, the Start:up Slovenia Project also serves as the pre-selection tool for other SPS products intended for start-up companies (SK75) and for evaluating applications for the registry of startup companies.



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