The Team

We are passionate about entrepreneurship. With breakthrough ideas on how to penetrate the fabric of society with entrepreneurial activities, we have been co-creating the Slovenian startup ecosystem for almost two decades.

We are on a mission to create a favourable environment for startups and entrepreneurial ideas.

Mag. Matej Rus
The Leader

M.S. Matej Rus is the "head" of the team in this way or another. He poses challenges and expects solutions. He asks the questions and wants clear answers. Matej tells directly what he thinks and he thinks a lot and contemplates. Therefore, he is the generator of innovative ideas with a clear vision of what kind of ecosystem offers the best conditions for the breakthrough of ideas that solve the pains of entrepreneurial society.

Urban Lapajne
Startup Community

Urban Lapajne is a startup enthusiast, evangelist and mentor. He acts as Programme Manager in Start:up Slovenia and at the PODIM Conference [19-20 May 2020]. There is no challenge that Lapajne would not have a solution to. He also finds them where there is none at first sight with a positive approach. His middle name could be the executor.

As an entrepreneurial evangelist, he is the driving force of Start:up Slovenia and the person who is "guilty" of the great programme and even better PODIM Conference speakers every year.

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Do you have an idea? Are you entrepreneurial? Are you interested in startups? Do you want to feel the pulse of the Slovenian business ecosystem and help co-create it?


Do you know your way around the words? Do you take pictures, shoot videos? Do you know how to process photos, edit videos?

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