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Published 18. February 2021
Equaleyes is looking for new colleagues - iOS and Android developers
Published 18. January 2021

Equaleyes Digital Agency is looking for an iOS or Android developer for mobile applications to life. The applications they’re currently developing have a very wide variety: from mobile banking to help people that deal with anxiety and stress.

The tech stack they use: on Android - Java, on iOS - Swift.


They are looking for someone that might be interested in a full-time job offer, although other options are not excluded.


What do they have to offer?

The company strives to offer an above-average salary according to the current market situation, flexible work schedule, a good ‘douche free’ team that knows a lot, the opportunity to work on important and promising projects, but mostly personal growth and improvement. In return, they want:

  • respectful attitude and the ability to control your ego,

    knowledge of English,

    desire to participate in a team and readiness to share knowledge with colleagues,

    flexibility (for some other technologies) and willingness to learn from team members,

    empathy towards other employees and customers, as well as previous employers (a clean handover).



If you think you are the right person for the job, apply here.


Have you already heard of Equaleyes?

The company develops mobile and web applications for international clients and has big plans for the future. They have recently become part of the English nChain, covering a significant portion of blockchain technologies. If this ad doesn’t suit you, you can go to their website and be notified of other job vacancies at their company. They plan to employ people with knowledge of technologies such as c#, Java, Django, Angular, React.

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Taia Translations will hire 4 new colleagues
Published 14. December 2020

TAIA Translations wishes to make the translation process easier for everyone - individuals, translators and companies.


They are looking for driven and curious individuals, who will help them accomplish their ambitious goals – development of the product and spread to global markets.


They are hiring:

a chief technology officer,

a digital marketing specialist,

an international business development manager and a

DevOps engineer.


Check if you meet their requirements and apply!

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Lake Coloring is looking for an iOS developer
Published 11. November 2020

Are you an iOS developer? Do you want to work in a dynamic environment and work on an Apple Design Award-winning app?


Lake Coloring is last year's finalist of the Slovenian Start-up of the Year. They explore how colouring affects one’s mood and they strive to connect technological knowledge with in-depth knowledge of psychology. In order to expand, they are hiring an experienced iOS developer.

A full-time job with a flexible work schedule and a motivated team awaits you!

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Chipolo is hiring a B2B salesman
Published 02. November 2020

Chipolo wants to strengthen its sales team with a B2B salesman, who will look for new customers and find various ways to develop a retail network in foreign markets.


The main task is to establish and nurture relationships between the company and its existing customers. The seller will have to maintain regular contact with customers, inform them about news and changes, take care of the orders, solve problems and act as a liaison between the customer and the internal team.

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