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Socializing is enjoyable and networking is beneficial. Don't deprive your business of the new opportunities that networking brings.


Opportunities in one way or another, whether employment or financial, to apply for competitions and tenders or just opportunities for new career challenges.
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Published 12. May 2022
Published 12. April 2022
Published 11. April 2022
DaiBau Is Looking for a Sales Representative
Published 28. February 2022

Daibau is the leading professional contruction network, connecting all adjacent markets, offering full support to investors, developers and construction professionals. They currently operate in 12 markers and are the leading ones in 6. 


The company is looking for an enthusiastic sales representative for


more information here 


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ABC Accelrator Is Expanding the Team
Published 28. February 2022

They are currently looking for a:

  • Community Manager,
  • Project Manager,
  • Accounting, Finances and Administration,
  • ABC Ambassador (EU, UK, USA, and Israel) and
  • Startup scout/Startup analyst.

The job positions are in Slovenia, except for the ABC Ambassador.


Send an email to:


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Slovenia, The Land of Startups

Great things happen only under the right conditions, at the right moment. Slovenia is like a playground where you can start new projects.


So... Take the moment! Be the change! Realize your idea!


Welcome to Slovenia


Support for ecosystem 


Slovenia strives to become one of the most important international hubs for

start-ups and an important part of the global startup network.

Who's Who In Startup Community

Not only because it is nice to know people, but most of all because connections in the business world are especially valuable. The so-called map of key stakeholders of the Slovenian startup ecosystem offers great insight into whom you can to turn to at some point. Flip through it!

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Startups and scaleups have become a valuable resource for corporations in developing their innovation and growth. Likewise, startups & scaleups can also be allies of corporations in raising their corporate culture to a new, higher level and a guarantee of long-term success.
Mitja Sagaj
17. September 2019
Keeping the entrepreneurial "diaspora" in contact with the home environment and the limitless transfer of knowledge and skills, create a successful infinite loop, which turns the brain escape into a circulating brain.
Mitja Sagaj
13. September 2019
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.