Meeting Point For Startup Opportunities

Opportunities for new collaborations and partnerships and new investment opportunities are here. This is the meeting point of new business opportunities of the Slovenian startup ecosystem.

Published 11. December 2023
Join the Project Management Povio Academy in Maribor
Published 11. September 2023

Take the chance and apply!

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Innovative, sustainable and responsible tourism in Koper Municipality with workshops and competition
Published 31. August 2023

More information about the speakers and the program, as well as the registration form can be found here.


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Apply for the NATO Innovation Challenge
Published 29. August 2023

Entry details and the challenge guidelines can be found on the official event website here.

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Free #AWE Program for Women Entrepreneurs
Published 07. August 2023

Are you an entrepreneur looking for new opportunities? Applications are now open for the free #AWE program for women entrepreneurs.


They are looking for early-stage female entrepreneurs (team of 1 to 5 people, up to 500K in revenue) who speak English and are looking to further grow their team, revenue, strategy and work on their personal and entrepreneurial growth. This is a one-year program starting in September 2023, supporting women entrepreneurs to grow.


You can apply until 20. 8. 2023.


about the program



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Published 10. May 2023
Published 17. March 2023
Published 16. March 2023
Published 13. February 2023
Published 09. February 2023
Published 25. January 2023
Published 05. January 2023
Apply for Open Health Labs Startup EXPO
Published 09. August 2022

Digital health accelerator Open Health Labs has opened applications for its Startup EXPO, which will tak eplace online on 14th September.


Startup EXPO will serve as a networking event between European startups and the Latvian healthcare ecosystem.


Present your solution to the Latvian healthcare system and gain direct access to potential customers and prospective potential customers.


Apply now and be one of the 30 MedTech startups that will have the opportunity to present their solution to boost the Latvian healthcare ecosystem.


find out more

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Join the MIRO Startup Program
Published 04. August 2022

Already know MIRO? A web-based remote working tool that makes collaboration between team members more efficient and fun.


Here's a great opportunity to join their startup program that will help you and your team develop and shape new ideas, find new collaborations, expand your network and much more. 


This is a great opportunity for you if you have a startup that:

  • Is less than 5 years old;
  • Is independently owned and operated;
  • Has less than 50 employees;
  • Has not yet raides more than 10 million in investment;
  • Is working with one of MIRO's incubators or accelerators (including Start:up Slovenia).


more information 


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Apply for the AWE Program - Academy for Women Entrepreneurs
Published 02. August 2022

Applications are now open for the next generation of women entrepreneurs in the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs program, to support them in continuing their entrepreneurial growth.


The selected group of women entrepreneurs will share knowledge and practical experience because we believe that every entrepreneurial problem has been solved by someone. You just need to meet the right person.


The program starts in September 2022, but you can apply until 𝟭𝟴. 𝟴. 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟮.


More info and registration:

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Apply for the She Loves Tech Global Startup Competition 2022
Published 02. August 2022

Apply for the She Loves Tech Global Startup Competition 2022, the largest tech startup competition for women. Companies from over 70 countries will once again be joining.


This year, there are prizes worth more than USD 500,000 up for grabs!



This is a great opportunity for you if you have:

  • A tech startup with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and you have raised less than $5 million in investment so far.
  • You have at least one female founder on your team, or most of your consumers and end-users are female.  


more info



You can apply until 12th September!



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Published 02. August 2022

The fourth AGROBIZNIS HI-TECH competition is looking for providers and users of high-tech solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly food production and processing with reduced consumption of natural resources, energy (electricity and heat) and basic resources such as fertilizers, PPP, water and fuels for agricultural machinery.


Research institutions, companies and others developing and offering new/advanced technologies for the agriculture and food processing industries;
farms, cooperatives, agri-food and food processing companies, and other food providers that have already optimized the production, processing, packaging or transport of food (final products) with new, advanced and environmentally sound solutions.


more information



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URBAN TECH: Get up to €54,000
Published 27. June 2022

URBAN TECH is calling for all startups and SMEs to apply their solutions to the challenges of different institutions acress Europe and get the opportunity to co-fund the development of your ideas. You can compete for a pilot worth €9,500, MVP and for total funding of €54,000 at the end of the project.


For a more detailed presentation of the project and any other questions you may have, there will be an online URBAN TECH Info Day on 12th July 2022 at 2pm on Zoom. Participation os free of charge, but registration is required and can be done here.


The deadline for applications is 14th September and will be accepted via the F6S platform.

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Apply for BASF and get Financial Support
Published 27. June 2022

This year's main theme - renewable energy - addresses the issues of the Green Deal and focuses on solutions to today's key environmental challenges. Innovators and start-up teams of up to five members have the opportunity to benefit from financial support.


In the first phase of the competition - at the local level - a jury will select the best idea from a group of countries including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The winning idea will then be presented at the BASF Innovation Hub 2022 Grand Final in November, together with the best solutions from other countries. The winner of the local event ill receive €2,500 (gross) and the best idea - the winner of the BASF Innovation Hub 2022 Grand Final - will receive €5,000 (gross).


For more infromation on how to apply and the terms and conditions, click here

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Rubik Garage: A New Accelerator for Startups from the CEE and SEE Regions
Published 11. April 2022

The Romanian Startup Hub, Rubik Hub, has launched a new startup accelerator - Rubik Garage - together with VC funds ROCA X and SeedBlink from Romania, Global Kinetics accelerator from Silicon Valley and Startup Wise Guys from Estonia. 


Rubik Garage is an equity-free accelerator program that aims to support startups from the CEE and SEE regions to raise their first round of investment. 


Rubik Garage's program is free of charge.


It focuses primarily on startups in areas such as:
Social Impact, 
Smart Cities, 
Saas, IoT, AI, VR, AR, XR, Big Data and blockchain.


If you have an innovative startup that promises to change life as we know it, take this opportunity and apply now! 



more info

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EUR 4.3 Million of Seed Capital for Startups and Small Businesses
Published 31. January 2022

The Slovene Enterprise Fund (SEF) is launching a EUR 4.3 million seed capital call for micro and small businesses with global growth potential in the form of co-investments with independent private investors.


The Slovene Enterprise Fund offers seed capital in the form of co-investments with private investors in micro and small businesses, where the SEF invests or provides equity financing for accelerated global growth in the amount of EUR 100,000 to EUR 400,000 per company (or a total of EUR 200,000 to EUR 800,000 in equity financing, as the SEF also provides a doubling of the amount), together with independent private investors, such as business angels, seed/venture/private equity funds or corporates.



find the call here



The call will be open until the funds available are used up, or until 31st Dec 2022. 

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Applications are now open for the Techhouse Accelerator programme
Published 17. January 2022

Are you working in SUSTAINABILITY, FINTECH, SERVICE BASED TECHNOLOGIES APPLICATIONS, DATA DRIVEN BUSINESS MODELS, HEALTH TECH or INDUSTRY 4.0? Startups Attention! Applications are now open for the second TECHHOUSE ACCELERATOR accelerator programme in Graz. The programme will help your startup get to the next level.



The accelerator programme has two variations:



PROOF OF CONCEPT TRACK is for startups, entrepreneurial genius teams and student teams that develop solutions to specific challenges of the programme's corporate partners.


more info


The distinctive feature of the programmes is that Techhouse does not take an ownership stake and is closely linked to the corporate partners, potential new partners of the startups selected for the programme.

Attendance at the Kick-off and Demo Day is mandatory, everything else is flexible and subject to agreement. Accommodation will be provided for startups who would like to be physically present at the location.


PROOF OF CONCEPT TRACK makes it possible to sign a paid collaboration contract with a corporate partner in the first week of the programme.




Deadline: 31st Jan 2022


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Apply for the First Slovenian-Israeli Start-up Accelerator Program
Published 23. December 2021

Are you a member of a Slovenian tech start-up and want to take your company to the next level? Are you looking for investors, customers and planning to enter the global market?


Take the opportunity to apply for the first Slovenian-Israeli Start-up Accelerator Program, which will take place in Tel Aviv (Israel) between 13 February and 11 April 2022. SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency, and the Slovene Enterprise Fund (SEF), in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tel Aviv, will launch the first Start-up Accelerator in Israel dedicated to Slovenian start-ups. 


Over the last decade, Israel has become one of the world's leading countries in the field of start-ups. Its advanced innovation ecosystem has earned it the nickname "Start-up Nation".


The main benefits of the program

The programme aims to connect selected Slovenian start-ups with Israeli high-tech companies, leading industrial organisations, international corporations, investors and academic institutions.


The Slovenian-Israeli Start-up Accelerator helps to achieve the most important steps in the early growth phase of start-ups.


It provides a competitive advantage to breakthrough at stages where most startups fail:

  • business and market validation
  • initial customer acquisition
  • Initial investor acquisition
  • business development and global market expansion.

You will have the opportunity to work with excellent teams and access the best companies in the market to validate and develop your product, connect with potential customers, open new market opportunities and grow globally.


Application deadline 

You can apply until 16 January 2022 or until the available places are filled. From all the companies that apply, 6 to 12 of the best Slovenian start-ups that meet the application criteria will be selected.


More information about the programme can be found here.


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Venture Factory's Start-up Accelerator Program
Published 23. December 2021

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea to develop an innovative product/service? Do you want to check the business potential of it and what are the steps to realise it? Do you need funding and professional help to accelerate the development? Do you want to reduce the risk of market failure? Apply for a business start-up accelerator program.


Grab this opportunity and increase your chance of success

Venture Factory is now accepting new members. We have a program that will help you go from an idea to a successful start-up. Want to become a member? Keep reading.


Rich rewards and mentoring support to help you start your business and get to the market faster.


Join and:

  • Check the riskiest elements of your idea to reduce the risk and build a solid foundation for your business.
  • Get money to develop your idea and get to the market faster.
  • Make a great presentation to potential partners and investors.
  • Tap into a network of local and international experts to help you bring your idea to life.
  • Become a member of the Start:up Maribor Founders Club, which gives you the opportunity to network, get help, make connections and share experiences with our members. 


Applications are being accepted until 31 December 2021,11pm. 



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Apply for a 3 Month Program: The Creative Incubator
Published 14. December 2021

The Centre for Creativity continues its three-month structured mentoring program, the Creative Incubator.


The program will run from February to May 2022 and is aimed at creative businesses and individuals who have a clear idea for developing or upgrading a product with business potential, well-defined goals and vision, and who want to refresh their view of their existing business or just establish the foundations for their entrepreneurial journey.


The deadline for applications is 2 January 2022!



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Apply for Startup Idea Competition and Win a Prize
Published 08. December 2021

Are you an innovation enthusiast? Enter the Startup Idea Competition organised by Science Park Graz, convince the jury and win a prize of up to €12,000. 


You can apply for different categories:​ 

  • Mobility
  • Energy & Environment
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Special Societal Impact 
  • Digital Economy & ICT 
  • Space – space technology translated into everyday applications


Deadline: February 28, 2021


apply now

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Competition - My Entrepreneurial Story
Published 06. December 2021 - Moja zaposlitev is launching a new page in January, where they want to include not only tips on how to get a first job faster and easier, but also other options for young people when starting their career.


That is why they decided to present successful entrepreneurial stories of young entrepreneurs, which would give inspiration  to other young people, showing that with good ideas, energy and passion, it is possible to succeed.


They have decided to make it into a competition, open to young entrepreneurs until 31 December 2021 at the latest. Based on the stories submitted, they will select the most inspiring ones and publish them early next year with the launch of the new website.


If you want to share your story and inspire first-time job seekers that "anything is possible if you want it hard enough", they invite you to send an email to by Friday 31 December 2021 at 20.00.


Introduce yourself in a few sentences (what kind of work you do and why you enjoy it, what challenges you have faced or are facing as a young entrepreneur and what advice you would give to the future generations).

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Apply for Scale2Dubai
Published 23. November 2021

Are you thinking of expanding to Dubai or the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia? Are you a small business or startup? Apply for Scale2Dubai!


All start-ups and small businesses wishing to secure a place in the global innovation ecosystem in Dubai are invited to join the program. The Arab capital is renowned as a place to connect, create and innovate.


Scale2Dubai offers many benefits such as:
2 years of free workspace,
2 year visa,
business environment,
free equity financing program,
and much more.


The application deadline is December 31, 2021.


apply now

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Open Call: Promotion of Creative Cultural Industries - Centre for Creativity 2022
Published 23. November 2021

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia has an open call "Promotion of Creative Cultural Industries - Centre for Creativity 2022", which provides non-repayable grants for the development of innovative projects and companies in the creative and cultural sector, upgrading of products, services and processes, as well as encouraging stronger cooperation between the creative and cultural sector and the business sector.


The deadline for applications is 20 December 2021.


We will also organise a workshop and 1:1 advice for applicants.


More at

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SilvaTech Acceleration Program
Published 18. November 2021

SilvaTech is a free international accelerator program powered by JSC Latvia's State Forests (LVM) and Startup Wise Guys (SWG).


The SilvaTech program is designed to promote innovation and efficiency in the forestry sector. It helps entrepreneurs to complete the journey from ideation to building a technological product that will deliver solutions in the forestry sector. 


Application deadline: 15 December 2021



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Apply for #myEUspace with a Prize Pool of € 1.000.000
Published 12. November 2021

Take the opportunity to apply for the EUSPA competition, open to innovators and entrepreneurs who want to explore, develop and commercialise innovative solutions to upgrade EU space data and services beyond the current horizon of space applications, integrating and testing new technologies based on:


smart mobility,

smart agriculture,

geomatics and

quantum technologies.


Who can participate?

Innovators and entrepreneurs who are ready to develop and commercialise innovative solutions using space data and services.


The competition seeks solutions where the use and integration of EU space data and services can have a significant impact in the following six areas:

Move Me Smart: Smart mobility solutions for all means of transport to improve efficiency, sustainability and safety.

Space My Life: Consumer solutions such as mobile apps and all other solutions for health, games, sports, leisure, tourism and everyday life that use space data.

Our Green Planet: Innovative solutions for environmental challenges, sustainable living, consumption and production.

Map My World: Innovative geodetic solutions to shape the future of geomatics, rural planning and smart city design.

Farming By Satellite: Technological solutions to manage variability in agricultural production, improve yields, reduce environmental impact and optimise the food chain.

Dive in Quantum: Innovative solutions using quantum technology (computing, remote sensing, simulation, encryption, etc.) to enhance space applications.


You can apply until 3.12.2021.  

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Apply for the Accelerator Program Moscow Transport Innovations
Published 12. November 2021

Are you a mobility start-up? Take the opportunity to apply for the Moscow Transport Innovations accelerator program, of which Startup Slovenia is a partner.


Moscow Transport Innovations (MTI) is the first accelerator programme dedicated to mobility startups that will implement pilot projects on the infrastructure of Moscow's leading transport companies.


Applications are open until 24 November 2021. Pre-registered startups will be invited to pitch in Berlin.

The jury will be composed of experts and representatives of Moscow's leading public transport companies. The jury will then select the most innovative teams.


After a two-month programme, the most promising teams will implement their products and services in the individual infrastructure areas of the Russian capital's transport network.


More information can be found here.

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Apply for the EIT Health InnoStars RIS Innovation Call 2022
Published 10. November 2021

A great opportunity for all breakthrough innovations in health!


EIT Health has a tender for funding to develop local innovation environments. Up to €75,000 in grant funding is available for projects that include a collaboration with at least 2 legal entities:
an academic partner (higher education institution or associated research group)
and at least one non-academic partner (a company, hospital, municipality, NGO or other health stakeholder).

The focus areas of the call are:

1. Reforming Care Pathways
2. Healthcare Transformation
3. Harnessing Real-world Data
4. Bringing Care Home
5. Health in the Workplace
6. Fostering Healthier Lives


Find out more here.

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NLB Hackathon - Open Finance
Published 29. October 2021

Apply for the NLB Hackathon 2021, organised by NLB Group for the second time. Participants will work on Open Finance and try to reshape the banking industry.

Here's your challenge: "How can a digital solution (app) help customers simplify their finances or keep them in better shape?".


If you think the challenge - building an app (at least a prototype) would be interesting for your team, apply for the hackathon.


You can apply until 9 November 2021.


more about the event


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Elevator Lab Is Looking for Fintech Startups
Published 14. October 2021

Attention, fintech startups! Elevator Lab's partner programme 2021/22, supported by Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI), has just started collecting applications for "Integrating mini-apps into a banking app" in cooperation with Tatra banka Slovakia.


The program is open to fintech companies with already proven innovative fintech products and technologies. It offers them support in developing original pilot projects and experienced mentors.


Take the opportunity to become a Raiffeisen Bank International Group partner!


The deadline for applications is 1 November 2021.

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Come to the 2-Day Hackathon in Trieste - Active & Healthy over 65
Published 11. October 2021

Join the 2-day hackathon in Trieste on the theme of Trieste Citizen Accelerator: "Active & Healthy over 65", organised by the Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico Andrea Galvani Technology Park.


They will be looking for innovative and technological solutions to help tackle loneliness and isolation of the elderly.


When? October 16 and October 17, 2021


Find more information here.

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Protect Your Intellectual Property More Affordably
Published 11. October 2021

Now is your chance to protect your intellectual property more affordably.


You can get support from an IP expert and a refund of part of the costs you incur to protect your IP, saving you up to €1,500.


You have until October 31 to apply.


More info and application:

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Elevator Lab Is Looking for Fintech Startups
Published 24. September 2021

Do you have a fintech startup specializing in digital customer acquisition and financial literacy?


Take this opportunity and sign up for the Elevator Lab affiliate program hosted by Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria.


The winner will receive a Proof of Concept (PoC) at Raiffeisenbank in Bulgaria along with the option for a strategic long-term partnership with RBI Grou; access to 13 markets and more than 17 million customers.


In addition, Elevator Lab, the global partner program of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI), offers fintech companies a number of benefits:
- development of projects with the support of mentors and access to concrete examples,
- feedback from the innovation groups RBI and Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria.


The application deadline is September 26, 2021, so hurry up.


Click here for more information.

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Galactica Hackathon
Published 24. September 2021

Do you have an innovative idea that combines aviation, textiles and manufacturing? GALACTICA Hackathon is a great opportunity for you! With your team, you can win up to 25 thousand euros in prize money. You can apply until September 28, 2021.


The competition will be divided into two rounds:
the first will take place online: between 1 and 14 October,
the second in Barcelona: 30 November and 1 December.


Teams consisting of 3-5 members and coming from companies located in the EU and the United Kingdom can take part in the GALACTICA hecaton. Students can also take part in the competition.


more info here


Workshops will be available for participants to come up with new ideas and improve business presentations.


You can apply until September 28, 2021​.


Rich prizes in the amount of 50 thousand euros will be awarded at the GALACTICA hecaton, namely 25 thousand euros for the winning team and 10 thousand euros for the second-ranked team.
The winning team of students will also receive 10 thousand euros, and the second-placed team will receive 5 thousand euros.


Don't wait and sign up now!

do it here

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Apply for the 14th International Technology Transfer Conference
Published 27. August 2021

Did you know that the 14th International Conference on Technology and Innovation Transfer will take place on 7 and 8 October, for which you can also apply with your scientific contribution in the field of intellectual property and technology transfer and attend bilateral R2B meetings?


Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation and its partners are organizing the International Technology Transfer Conference (ITTC), which will bring together technology transfer experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and representatives of the support environment for the 14th time. 


As part of the conference, you can attend virtual R2B (Research-to-Business) meetings between Slovenian and foreign researchers and companies, which will take place on October 7, 2021 between 10:00 and 13:00.


You can attend the meetings free of charge by registering via the application form until 5 October 2021.



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Free EIT RawMaterials Programs
Published 27. August 2021

 Is your startup active in the field of raw materials and wants to develop? As part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in the field of raw materials, EIT RawMaterials, there are some great opportunities to develop your startup. Read more about free programs below.



It offers a free program to help you test the concept of a business model. It is intended for teams and existing startups that are at least at the level of development of TRL4 (= verification of technology in the laboratory) in the field of raw materials. Selected startups receive € 15,000 in funding.
You can find more about the program here. The application deadline is August 29, 2021.



Enter the free Booster program, intended for existing startups, spin-offs and small to medium-sized companies in the development phase of TRL4 in the field of raw materials. Financial support of up to € 60,000, tailored mentoring and access to the extensive partner network of EIT RawMaterials awaits you.


You can find more about the program here. The application deadline is September 3, 2021. 


Regional Innovation Competition 2021 

Invites startups in the field of raw materials - minerals, metals and advanced materials. Workshops, mentoring vouchers and local support for RIS incubators, as well as the final presentation of innovations are waiting for you. Win from 2000 € to 5000 €!


More information about the competition can be found here. The application deadline is September 28, 2021.


more info


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International Competition Innovation Hub 2021
Published 27. August 2021

Does your startup have a solution that could help preserve the environment? Take advantage of this great opportunity and apply for the international competition Innovation Hub 2021 for innovators and start-ups from Slovenia and other Central and Southern European countries. Maybe it's your idea that convinces the jury.


You have until midnight on September 30, 2021 to apply for the BASF Innovation Hub 2021.


The winner of the local competition wins 2,500 euros and the best idea of ​​the regional phase gets 5,000 euros.


Don't miss out and apply!



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Enter the Polish Market with Concordia Design Accelerator
Published 27. August 2021

Are you thinking of entering the Polish market, but are you facing many questions, challenges and obstacles? Concordia Design Accelerator is the right solution for you.


Why apply?

You can:

  • Receive a grant of up to EUR 65 000 for establishing a company in Poland.
  • Support of 20+ mentors with experience in various areas of business. Get to know them here.
  • Getting into contact with 15 industry partners waiting to validate your solution. Read more here
  • Develop your project with 5+ VCs who could be potential investors in your project.
  • Wrocław, one of the largest start-up hubs in Central and Eastern Europe.




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Sign up for EU Code Week Hackathon
Published 27. August 2021

Are you between 15 and 19 years old and love technology? Do you like to create and want to learn about similar trends in the field of digital products? If so, don’t hesitate: you can sign up to the hackathon as a single competitor or, even better, with your team, where each one of you will contribute their know-how in solving a challenge.


The best team will receive a EUR 2,000 prize.


The competition will take place between 18 and 19 September in Nova Gorica, and the winning team will be tested a month later in Europe, where they can win the title of "The Champions of Europe".



more about the hackathon


sign up

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