From an idea to the first sales! New programme for effective company launch

Day 7. October 2016

On Monday, Primorska technology park opened applications for a new, several weeks long programme with the best expert lecturers and entrepreneurship mentors who will help participants build a company in an effective and systematic way. The programme From an idea to the first sales will last from November 2016 to January 2017, and is available for free for 10 best teams in the region! Application deadline is Thursday, 20 October. 

Intense 6 weeks of work

With the purpose of encouraging the launch of innovative companies in the Gorizia region, but mostly to ensure their rapid growth and development in a systematic way, the Primorska technology park prepared a new programme for effective company launch. In six weeks, from November 2016 to January 2017, the chosen teams will use expert lectures and mentors to:

  • do research on market and customer needs,
  • design optimal products and business models,
  • check the actual potential of the idea on the market,
  • prepare a sales strategy and product and business opportunity pitch.

Team work will take place in the co-working facilities Bridge85 in Primorska technology park to give the participants more opportunities for networking with successful companies that are already working in the technology park’s community.


Lecturers and mentors

  • Blaž Zupan, entrepreneur, teacher and researcher (Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana) – covers the fields: getting to know customers and their needs, market characteristics
  • Matej Golob, co-founder of 30Lean, TEDx events organizer and builder of social networks – covers the fields: developing optimal products and business models, potential of the business opportunity on the market, lean frame
  • Majda Dodevska, expert in the field of marketing and public relations – covers the fields: marketing for startups
  • Dušan Omerčević, founder of Squrb, which does online services costs optimization – covers the fields: sales, the basic activity of every company
  • Peter Bruner, entrepreneur and all-around creative, founder of OOSM – covers the fields: startup pitch
  • Matej Peršolja, founder of Protectus, the most promising startup of 2015 at the event Economist of Primorska, winner of the Coinvest Venture Days conference 2014 in front of investors from the US – covers the fields: understanding metric data, additional sources of resources

In mentor roles, the teams will get weekly advice by entrepreneurs from local, mostly internationally successful companies. Entrepreneurship mentors are Goran Miškulin – Spintec, Elvis Janežič – Instrumentation Technologies, Kristjan Rijavec – Datapan, Matija Klinkon – Ledluks, Tomaž Jug – Editor, Aljoša Pavšič – Neptun digital, Matej Peršolja – Protectus, Rok Gulič – Ollo, Matjaž Komel – Kibbon.

Who can apply?

The programme can be attended for free by 10 best teams in the Gorizia region, but the applications are open only to serious candidates.
The educational training programme can be joined by business groups or individuals with a business idea who already made the first steps in its development, or founders of companies that are younger than 36 months.

Registered business ideas have to solve real problems in the society and be technically doable. The programme isn’t meant for ideas on a non-profit basis.

The applications are submitted via a google form that’s on the website of Primorska Technology Park.

Entrepreneurial pitch fight

The programme will end in January with the event “Entrepreneurial pitch fight”, where the projects that participated in the educational training programme will present themselves. But they will not be alone in this – the event will also be a pitching opportunity for Primorska technology park incubated companies and external, interested teams that weren’t yet part of an accelerator programme or companies younger than 12 months.
In five minutes, the teams will try to convince investors, business angels and entrepreneurs to invest in their project. The listeners will play the role of the expert committee, choose the entrepreneurship project that will show the highest investment potential, and reward it.

More information: Mitja Mikuž, entrepreneurship programme leader,, T: 05 393 24 50, M: 041 241 663

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