Investment SK given to 33 innovative startups! Which one has the biggest potential to become a global success story?

Day 20. October 2015 posted Stanislava Vabšek

In last year's autumn and this year's spring investment cycle (for which they’ve just signed all contracts), Slovene Enterprise Fund (SPS) supported altogether 33 innovative startups. So meet the innovative companies that are an important part of the national supporting environment for startups, and let us know which one you think has the biggest potential to become the next Slovenian success story or whether there is one amongst them that you’d wish to meet or collaborate with?

29 are searching for their product/market fit

29 companies searching to confirm their idea on the market have received Slovene Enterprise Fund’s investment in last year’s autumn and this year’s spring investment round. They’re startups in the product/market fit stage that received a convertible loan in the amount of 50,000 EUR (last year’s SK50 investment) or 75,000 EUR (this year’s SK75 investment), and entered the accelerator programme Start:up Geek House.

Four companies are on the verge of global growth

Four companies that need fresh capital to finance global growth received a 200,000 EUR public equity investment (SK200) and entered the accelerator programme Go:Global Slovenia.

Meet all 33 recipients of the SK investment

Presentations of all SK investment recipients can be found at this link. They’re listed alphabetically, their photos also have a banner stating the SK generation they belong to.

Be informed about the next SK round

If you too have a young innovative company and are looking for capital for its growth and development, subscribe to our e-news. This way, you’ll be informed about the next SK investment round at the beginning of next year.

Which one has the biggest potential to work with you?

If one particular SK company especially convinced you and you wish to get to know it for potential business collaboration, let us know at our email and we’ll be happy to connect you.

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