New smart keychain Chipolo sees the light of day!

Day 10. November 2015

Exactly two years after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Slovenian startup company Chipolo, SK200 investment recipient, is presenting the new version of the eponymous smart keychain that helps users find lost items. The new Chipolo version brings a new look to the keychain, a completely new app for Android devices, an updated app for iOS devices and several new functions that will make finding lost things even easier, and searching for them fun.  

Finding a lost phone

From now on, Chipolo owners will be able to use new functions brought by the renewed version of the keychain. So in case of phone loss, they’ll be able to find it in two ways:

  1. If they lost it somewhere nearby, shaking the Chipolo will make the phone start ringing, even if it’s in silent mode
  2. On the completely new web Chipolo app, they can check the last known location of their phone, trigger ringing and even send a message that will show on the screen of the locked phone and notify the potential honest finder.


Sharing with family members

When renewing the keychain, the team considered the opinion of users who wished to have the option of sharing Chipolo with family members and their smartphones, which is now possible. This function is very handy when partners share car keys, for example, because they can now both connect them with their phones.

Selfie trigger

The most entertaining function of Chipolo is definitely the possibility of using the smart keychain for triggering a smartphone camera. With this, Chipolo wished to highlight the fun side of discovering lost items and other inspiring situations that we mark with selfies in our modern times. The campaign #ChipoloSelfie invites everyone to post interesting selfies that they made with help of their keychain on social networks and use the hashtag #ChipoloSelfie.

More than 150,000 users

In 2013, Chipolo managed to collect 200,000 euros on Kickstarter for launching the manufacture of a smart keychain that helps the user find lost objects such as car keys, wallet or bag. Chipolo is used by more than 150,000 users today. In its first year of business operations, the company generated more than 860,000 euros’ income, while this year they’re planning on making 1,700,000.

They’re staying in Slovenia

Despite tempting offers from abroad, the team decided to keep their headquarters and manufacture in Slovenia, more exactly in Zasavje, where they brought quite a few new jobs to the local community. The company is constantly growing and they expanded from the original 7 members of the team to altogether 15 regular employees and a team of students helping in manufacture.

Where can you buy it?

Chipolo is available in stores all over the world and in the official online store at In Slovenia, you can buy it in Si.mobil and Big Bang stores.
Text and photos: Chipolo d.o.o.


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