Invoice Exchange thrilled investors at Wolves Summit and PODIM, will also win at CONDA!

Day 13. June 2016 posted Stanislava Vabšek
Invoice Exchange (Borza terjatev in Slovenian) is a young startup that started the first and only organized market with account receivables in Slovenia. In one place, they combine companies that wish to sell their non-matured account receivables and financial investors that buy receivables with investments. Selling receivables has never been this easy and simple for companies, because dealing is simple and happens in real time, while companies can ensure liquidity in a period of 48 hours by selling receivables. The company has already thrilled at the Wolves Summit and PODIM Conference 2016, and they’re currently also gathering investors at the CONDA crowdinvesting platform. So far, they’ve already gathered 42,900 EUR, which is 86 % of the investment threshold of 50,000 EUR, “and there is absolutely no doubt that we will reach the threshold,” says company CEO, Marko Rant, who is also predicting a few additional investors who will probably invest more than 10,000 EUR altogether.
Invoice Exchange has been actively doing business in Slovenia since November 2015. So far, over 190 Slovenian companies registered on it, and almost 3.5 million EUR of receivables have been sold on the stock market. 

Amongst the best nine at Wolves Summit

In April, Invoice Exchange very successfully pitched at the biggest event for networking and startup companies in Central and Southern Europe – Wolves Summit in Poland. At the competition The Great Pitch!, Invoice Exchange had the opportunity to pitch in the big finals of the competition as one of the best 9 startup companies. This enviable success ensured excellent exposure and an even better access to potential investors and partners, which will make their plans to expand abroad significantly easier.

PODIM Challenge finalists

In the first half of May, Invoice Exchange also pitched at the PODIM Conference in Maribor and once again proved that it’s an excellent project led by a coordinated and highly motivated team. Amongst more than 100 companies, Invoice Exchange ranked in excellent 3rd place at the PODIM Challenge competition. At the end of May, Invoice Exchange also pitched at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna as one of 500 most promising European tech startups.

Going for the win with the CONDA crowdinvesting campaign

Invoice exchange is also the first Slovenian company to organize a crowdfunding campaign through the CONDA web platform which started its operations in Slovenia in May. CONDA is a European crowdfunding platform for startup companies through which investors already invested more than 10 million EUR, and it’s among the first of its kind in Slovenia. Investors (physical persons) can use CONDA to support promising startup companies with investments between 100 and 5,000 EUR in the form of long-term loans with a variable interest rate and potentially very attractive returns. So far, Invoice Exchange gathered 42,900 EUR in investors’ funds and the financing threshold is 50,000 EUR.

They’re changing how factoring works

“In Invoice Exchange, we are committed to improving the business environment for small and medium-sized companies. Our work helps change how factoring works, and raises the transparency and liquidity of the receivables market,” said Marko Rant, CEO and co-founder. “Through Invoice Exchange, companies can sell their receivables selectively and under conditions that they set. For them, an organized market is the best guarantee for successful sales, because it connects them with financial investors looking for new investment opportunities,” adds Tomi Šefman, procurator and co-founder.

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