Who joined forces in the CorpoHub and why is this good news for startups?

Day 16. February 2017 posted Stanislava Vabšek

February marks the beginning of operations for CorpoHub, a company focused on effective innovation and agile transformation inside bigger companies. CorpoHub came to existence by joining the knowledge and portfolios of 30Lean, Agilspot and the work of the BIC Business Intelligence Centre. It consists of experienced and dynamic work of experts, consultants, entrepreneurs – Matej Golob, Lojze Bertoncelj, Voranc Kutnik and Daniela Bervar Kotolenko.
What can we expect within CorpoHub?
Agile transformation, Scrum, Kanban, lean innovation, Playing Lean, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Management 3.0 are only some of the fields covered by the ambitious team. Among others they organize international business hackathons, startup weekends, business meetings and other workshops, and participate in international and local conferences.
Connecting big companies with startups at PODIM 2017
Participating in international and local business events and panels on the topic of innovation, and connecting the Slovenian corporate and startup scene place CorpoHub on the map of perspective Slovenian companies of the future. As such, the CorpoHub team will actively participate in organizing this year’s PODIM Conference, mostly in ensuring value for blue-chip company representatives who are interested in strategic collaboration with the most promising startup teams from the Alps-Adriatic region within the PODIM Challenge conference segment
Corporations aren’t closed fortresses anymore!
Slovenian and regional startups are increasingly gaining a significantly more responsive and relevant interlocutor from the side of corporations than they had two years ago. “I remember how I helped startups get meetings in big companies, which seemed like closed fortresses to them. Now in the most progressive corporations, the thing looks more like a well-organized fair. Both sides are open about their interests and potential collaboration. There is less fear, more trust, and the speed of connecting is significantly higher,” said Matej Golob and Lojze Bertoncelj when launching the news about founding CorpoHUb.

The CorpoHub team is available at: www.corpohub.com or hello@corpohub.com
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