The Slovenian Company MojMojster / Daibau Is Heading in New Directions with a Seven-Figure Investment

Day 18. February 2021

Having already won over a number of investors in the past with their ingenious idea and international project, they are now set to realize their plans with a seven-figure investment from South Central Ventures Fund and Henkel. Their web portal MojMojster, known abroad as DaiBau, brings together up to 65,000 construction companies - craftsmen, architects, other experts in construction and renovation - and 260,000 active users.


Ljubljana, February 17 - Henkel's business unit Adhesive Technologies has recognized the potential of the growing online platform MojMojster / DaiBau, which brings together 65,000 construction companies and experts in as many as seven countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovakia and Romania. That is why, together with South Central Ventures Fund, they decided to invest a seven-figure sum in their company.


"In our case, digitalization plays an important role in developing our business models and gaining competitive advantages in different markets," explained Adrian Orbea, Global Marketing Manager in Henkel. "DaiBau has successfully expanded its digital platform in the region in a very short time, confirming its capabilities and agility. This investment will allow us to further accelerate the implementation of our digitization strategy by gaining insights into the needs of users and contractors. Our desire is to work with DaiBau to update the platform and facilitate access to innovative solutions and information for different user groups."


The company DaiBau / MojMojster was founded in Maribor in 2013 by architects Martin Pelcl and Gregor Černelč, and things have only been going up since then. From a local platform, they have grown into a leading regional platform that brings together up to 65,000 construction companies in the markets of Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovakia and Romania - craftsmen, architects, other experts in construction and renovation - and 260,000 active users. Today they already employ 52 people.


The portals in seven countries (in Slovenia with their rich base of contractors solve dilemmas in construction and renovation of real estate, enable direct connection between contractors and service seekers, which greatly facilitates their communication. The platform also recommends contractors, architects and other experts in their field to individuals and companies, and the main benefit is transparency, as each contractor profile also includes reviews, scores and a list of completed projects. The platform pays special attention to small and medium-sized construction companies, which are given the opportunity to offer their services and products and optimize their business, especially in the markets of Southeast Europe.


"This investment will greatly help us develop the current platform and strengthen our market position in the region. It will also accelerate the ongoing digitalisation processes, which will have a direct impact on market transparency and the ability to provide a range of innovative solutions for both platform users and operators. Under the current growth conditions, besides the financial side, it is very important for our business to have strong partners who bring knowledge, experience and professionalism," said Martin Pelcl, co-founder and CEO of MojMojster / DaiBau platform.


The story of the company DaiBau began in Tovarna podjemov, the business incubator of the University of Maribor, which provides them with a stable support environment all the time.


"This is not only a milestone in the development and growth of the company, but also an extremely important event for the entire startup ecosystem. The company, which has grown from two enthusiasts to 52 employees, is the best proof that entrepreneurial stories can be developed and what can be achieved with a clear vision and iron will," said Urban Lapajne, coordinator of the Start: up Maribor program at Tovarna podjemov. He added: "For the ecosystem, this is an example of what can be achieved. It is also a proof of the impact of structured and consistent support programs provided by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology for startups. This is mainly a combination of financial and content support provided by the Slovenian Enterprise Fund and the network with its activities provided by the SPIRIT Agency."


The company and the project MojMojster project were already recognized in the investment fund South Central Ventures in 2018 and already invested in.


Jure Mikuž, co-founder and partner of the venture capital fund South Central Ventures, said: "We are pleased to welcome Henkel to the MojMojster / DaiBau story. The partnership with Henkel not only validates the business strategy leading to accelerated business growth, but we also see it as an important step that will help the platform take advantage of new market opportunities that it would otherwise not be able to take advantage of, at such an early stage of the business. "


Mikuž also stressed the importance of the company achieving growth rates that will then be a magnet for future investors, and that these "follow-on" rounds take place with the right investors, which can be an additional boost for Daibau, for example. He also mentioned the strategy of regional expansion as a good practice, as it is not necessary for every company to push itself to the US or China first when there are many opportunities much closer in the region.Ž


MojMojster / DaiBau - the case of Slovenia


In Slovenia, DaiBau operates under the MojMojster brand and offers more than 12,000 verified construction companies in 13 main categories and more than 250 subcategories at This specialized construction system offers a range of tips and tools that make it much easier and more cost-effective for investors to complete any construction project. To date, more than 134,000 projects have been completed through the MojMojster website.


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