Quadrofoil collected 3 million euros of Series A financing

Day 13. March 2019 posted Mitja Sagaj
Quadrofoil, a startup from Slovenska Bistrica, has collected 3 million euros of capital in series A financing from the Swiss investment firm AlpVent AG, meant to accelerate manufacture and spread the products’ global presence. It’s the first and most important step of the one-year process of finding and choosing investors, and the new investment increases the value of all Quadrofoil investments by external investors, since introducing the revolutionary environment-friendly watercraft Q2S Electric, to 4.2 million euros. The investment will help the company to expand manufacturing capabilities, to more aggressively approach sales and marketing, and to accelerate the development of new products.

Quadrofoil is designing the future of nautical industry with energy-efficient and environment-friendly watercrafts with electric motors, hydrofoils and a patented steering system, useful on all water surfaces of the world.

"We are creating a technology that drives the future of the nautical industry and energy-efficient systems of water traffic. AlpVent’s investment is a strong signal that we are an innovative leader in our field, and a confirmation that so far, we have done everything right and well," says Marjan M. Rožman, president and executive director of Quadrofoil d.o.o., and adds: "Seeing the future in terms of benefit for the planet and people on the one hand, and in terms of connecting ideas, innovations and concepts with knowledge of the market and access to capital on the other hand, has led us to a new collaboration platform. This brings us fresh energy in fulfilling our past promises and focusing on developing new environment-friendly solutions for water traffic."

An investment that brings many opportunities
The investment, which is one of the bigger capital investments into a nautical high-tech company, will also allow Quadrofoil to again focus on research and development of new technologies, platforms, products and solutions for the autonomous water traffic system. At the same time, it will help the company accelerate the transformation from a startup company into an international company, whose knowledge, resourcefulness, innovations and desired futuristic products firmly anchored it on international markets of water traffic. 

It will also accelerate the second stage of investors’ choice in Series B financing – building global functional partnerships, including the establishment of international mass serial production, the establishment of a new center for research and development, a sales-distribution network and a sales-service network, a system for rent and joint use, etc.

AlpVent: Quadrofoil is more than a startup
Quadrofoil is becoming synonymous with the design and manufacture of sustainable, green watercrafts, flagships of modern technology. By using their own extensive knowledge and innovative approaches, they are striving to develop highly effective and environment-friendly water traffic, from personal watercrafts for daily use to public watercrafts and watercrafts for cargo transport – all with an emphasis on taking advantage of the physics hidden in the technology of using hydrofoil.  
"Quadrofoil is more than just a startup with an attractive product and globally recognizable brand. Quadrofoil is mostly an amazing team. AlpVent has recognized the value of the unique and revolutionary Quadrofoil vision, ideas, innovations, products and possible future influences of global use of clean, energy-efficient and user-friendly water transport solutions, based on hydrofoil technology," is how Aleksander Kopač, president and executive director of AlpVent AG explains their investment, and continues: "Together, we will address a 60-billion euro global market of nautical industry and water traffic. Supporting Quadrofoil on its path to global success is a good and safe investment opportunity for AlpVent. I am convinced that our investment in Quadrofoil gives a strong signal about the type of technologies that will define and mark the future of the nautical industry."
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