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Day 31. August 2015 posted Stanislava Vabšek

“Of course if we had to choose once more, we’d apply again! The SK200 investment and accelerator programme Go:Global Slovenia were a very good decision for us and a very positive experience” said Marko Mesarič from Modri planet at the meeting of startup mentors, partners of the Initiative Start:up Slovenia and entrepreneurs who received Slovene Enterprise Fund’s investment last autumn. The social event in Orehov Gaj grove was organized together with the Slovene Enterprise Fund in order to enable entrepreneurs to exchange mutual experiences while at the same time giving us feedback about the pilot implementation of the first investment round. The event confirmed that we’re on the right track and that our SK companies, together with mentors and partners of the Initiative, are becoming an increasingly stronger startup community.
The event was organized on the last August Monday together with the Slovene Enterprise Fund (SPS) and partners of the initiative. Mostly so that after the short, but for most companies working, summer break, we once again meet and enable entrepreneurs and startup mentors to exchange experiences and lessons after they received Slovene Enterprise Fund’s investment for confirming their innovative idea on the market (SK50 product) or financing global breakthrough (SK200).

A strong community is an important goal

At the same time we also wished to get feedback about the pilot round last autumn and suggestions for improving accelerator programmes Start:up Geek House (for SK50 recipients) and Go:Global Slovenia (for SK200 recipients). One of the main goals of the Initiative and SPS is to build a strong Slovenian startup community by connecting entrepreneurs from the same accelerator programmes and simultaneously intensely collaborating with startup mentors and business consultants from the Initiative’s partner organizations.

Lecture from Tilen Travnik about the 10 key mistakes that can prevent startups from reaching global success.


About key mistakes, being lean and convincing

Because the knowledge and advice from startup is are getting richer as quickly as the tests and achievements of our SK companies on the market, we also listened to a couple of excellent lectures before the in-depth debates and discussions. Tilen Travnik from D·Labs revealed which ten key mistakes cost startups global success most often. Lojze Bertoncelj from 30Lean reminded us that being lean and agile is primarily meant to solve problems and create value. Tomaž Frelih from Hekovnik explained why teaching and being convincing are the main ingredients of an excellent pitch.

Martial arts master Andrej Doušak about why the role of the modern entrepreneur is similar to the role of an ancient warrior


Entrepreneur = warrior

The lecture part of the programme also included martial arts master Andrej Doušak, co-founder of Makotokai Slovenia. In an interesting combination of a lecture and exercises, he presented his view and solutions for “business challenges in the world of unlimited power of the mind and the body, considering the fact that the role of the modern entrepreneur is very similar to the role of the ancient warrior, dealing with the same type of fears, problems and frustrations.”

The fact that SPS went amongst entrepreneurs, brought them closer and connected them is the right thing, think startups that received the SPS investment last year.

Amongst entrepreneurs

The fact that “SPS went amongst entrepreneurs, brought them closer and connected them is the right thing because a conversation with a ‘classmate’ from the accelerator programme can prevent many mistakes and quickly show the right path,” was how Marko Mesarič (Modri planet) and Matevž Petek (Doo) summarized their positive experience with the SK50 and SK200 investment.

“When you don’t find administration annoying”

Entrepreneurs also highlighted how useful were the preparations for pitching and discovering the rules of good presentations for going in front of investors. “Administration and monthly reports are also a very welcome management tool that forces you to look through and honestly look at the progress or regress on the market at least once a month,” said Igor Panjan from SmartPA.


Even more peer-to-peer meetings

The feedback of entrepreneurs, which we will use to further improve both products, has mostly gone into the direction of organizing even more peer-to-peer meetings and transferring experiences, the possibility of on-demand content in the obligatory educational accelerator programme, and the option of ensuring additional help from sales-experienced mentors in entirely operative marketing and sales activities of the company.

Good food, good company, excellent atmosphere

During the meeting, cooks from Orehov Gaj and scenes for board games and activities ensured additional excellent atmosphere, and they were an excellent conclusion to this whole-day event. The event left a good feeling that we’re on the right track to everyone contributing towards building a strong and connected Slovenian startup community, and that possible starting failures are actually nothing but intermediate stations and learning lessons on the path to success.

Join us!

Do you want become a part of this community? Do you have an innovative idea and a team that’s truly ready to give its all for a market breakthrough or global establishment, with help of mentors, consultants or entrepreneurship enthusiasts? Then don’t hesitate and by Thursday, 10 September 2015, submit your application for the pre-selection procedure of the autumn investment round for getting a 75,000 € (product SK75) or 200,000 € (product SK200) public equity investment.

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