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Day 3. May 2015 posted Stanislava Vabšek
Have you already heard about ABC Accelerator? More than 100 teams from no less than 11 countries have applied for the first program of the ABC – Smart Business Accelerator - in March 2015. And 8+1 have been selected. Now the teams are already sweeting, creating, innovating, communicating, pitching, learning, pivoting and accelerating. Their business models are getting better every day and the chance to establish themselves in the competitive international environment is getting stronger.

Wanna feel the spirit of ABC? 

ABC is settled in vibrantly furnished ABC premises in Hall IV of the BTC City in Ljubljana where startups can test their solutions within rich BTC infrastructure. But at PODIM you have a unique chance to meet the startup teams as well as the members ABC core team. Visit the inspirational corner where you can relax, chat, ask everything you want to know about ABC and have fun.

Clear goal, powerful energy. 

In no more than 6 months, Dejan Roljić (founder and CEO of ABC) and his team established the largest privately owned business accelerator in the whole region. The goal of ABC Accelerator is to create a more advanced business environment in Slovenia and fully develop an ecosystem that will be of interest to international investors. This way, Slovenia is becoming an innovative as well as a pilot country in the region, which meets all conditions necessary for a start-up to achieve a breakthrough in the global markets.

What does it mean to be a part of the ABC community? 

Start-ups that managed to qualify for the Smart Cities programme received an initial incentive: €15.000 in cash, the entire infrastructure in the value of over €350.000, an intensive daily programme, a unique testing area at the BTC City, where they may test their solutions and products, and the access to international investors. In return, they gave an 8% share in their companies to the Accelerator. The selected companies include: Smart Futuristic Innovations, Travel Starter, Symvaro, Styliff, Moveo, Facility, Shoppii, Venxly, as well as GoOpti as an associated team. Anyone who goes through the ABC programme is a winner.

Meet at PODIM Speed Dating

ABC Accelerator is opened for startups with ambition to succeed on global market. In autumn 2015 the second ABC program will start and those interested to join the pitch are already invited to find out what are the secrets of those teams who succeed in the first round. Smart Cities and topics related to the creation of better living environments of the future are in the focus of ABC program. Send an e-mail to urska@abc-accelerator.com and arrange your appointment at PODIM. They are looking forward to hearing your story!
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