Beeping to enter a partnership with the multinational corporation Henkel

Day 19. May 2017

Henkel and Beeping, the web platform for booking household cleaners, entered a business collaboration. The collaboration between the two companies, which is starting with joint marketing and sales activities, already has long-term collaboration visions set up. In the future, the partners are planning to upgrade activities on the product level in accordance with Henkel’s development vision, focus on the user, digitalization, and expanding the operation of the web platform Beeping.
At this opportunity, marketing leader in Henkel, Vanja Legvart, highlighted that: “Henkel is a company that is first and foremost an innovator in its field. We launch innovative products to the market every year, and we are happy that we were first on the market with some of them, because that is the approach with which we keep the image of our brands and business growth. Even though we are well-known on the Slovenian market, we are convinced that with joint promotion, we will upgrade existing consumers and touch new ones. We are looking forward to the first results of collaborating with Beeping, including on other markets to which they will expand.”
Jan Dobrilovič, cofounder of the Beeping platform: “I believe that a dynamic startup system can offer a lot to big established companies. Especially from the aspect of how they think, their approach, and flexibility. I am happy that the reputable international company Henkel recognized Beeping as a partner. For us, this is proof that we are working in an incredibly attractive market niche, where there are many business opportunities, and that our strategic focus – to become the right hand of households in the broader region of Central and Central-Eastern Europe – is the right one. 
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.