We discovered the secret code and unlocked the treasury of rich knowledge and experiences of all SK generations!

Day 22. November 2016 posted Stanislava Vabšek

On Friday and Saturday Maribor's hotel, Habakuk was beaming with positive startup energy. It hosted more than 70 member group of startups and ecosystem shareholders, who all gathered at the autumn teambuilding of all four generations of SK75 and SK200 recipients of the Slovene Enterprise fund. We proved that a successful team is a result of many hands and one thought. In a thrilling adventure secret agent game, we retrieved the hidden formula for a successful breakthrough of a startup and then all together illustrated it with on a huge image without limits, that will soon be available for viewing at Technology park Ljubljana. We discovered a secret code, that unlocked a vault of rich knowledge and experiences of SK entrepreneurs, who newly webbed or deepened mutual connections and friendships, exchanged experiences and strengthened entrepreneurial competencies. That we hit the nail on the head with this gathering, can be seen by words of an attendee: "an unforgettable memory of an intense cooperation, relaxed ambient and fantastic and creative event planning. The added value is that you can listen to people, who have gone through some of the same things you have, and they know what they are talking about instead of just fantasizing about evaluations!"

The autumn SK teambuilding was opened late Friday afternoon by the organizational leader of Start:up Slovenia Initiative Urban Lapajne, who together with Rok Huber, the leader of SK programs from the Slovene Enterprise fund, presented a short analysis of previous implementations and ideas for workings of the SK programs in the future.

We couldn't do without a team selfie, of course!


Where do your shoes pinch and how to soften them?

After short presentations of all the participating startups, so everyone knew where somebody belonged, we started the part of the meeting called: "Where does your shoe pinch you the most?" In a talk that Urban Lapajne moderated with entrepreneurs, we wanted to highlight a problem and find a solution for it. In a questionnaire that startups filled out before the meeting, they mentioned entering foreign markets to be their biggest issue. 

Rok Upelj, Smart Turn System, recipient of SK75 investment.


The microphone and attention was "stolen" by Chipolo in Xvida

Luckily we have quite a few entrepreneurs in all four SK generations that already dealt with this problem and are on a good path of becoming well-known global players. Microphone and attention of attendees were primarily divided between Tadej Jevševar from Chilopo and Uroš Čadež from Xvida, because of their vast experiences from crowdfunding campaigns as well as looking for the right distributors. 

Uroš Čadež (left), Xvida, recipient of SK200 investment.


Precious three tips when looking for a distributor

If we shortly summarize the experiences of Chilolo, who today has more than one million users worldwide, and the brand Xvida, that excites the media and users all over the world with its positive review comments, you should pay close attention to distributors demand an exclusive from you without a good argument. If at all possible, sell on an advance, and most of all realize that different distributional or sales cycles in the US (and abroad) will take at least 50% from you of the final price of the product on the shelf. 



SK ”Founders Dinner”

The hot debate started by Jevševar and Čadež continues into the hotel saloon at dinner that some of us named SK ”Founders Dinner”. This could have continued all night, (which happened to some, after we finished with all the organized events) had it not been for the evening talk with the recipient of SK75 investment and VIAR co-founder Jernej Mirt.
Jernej Mirt (left) and Urban Lapajne

With Jernej Mirt about their successful mission in Seattle

Jernej Mirt returned a couple of days ago from a more than successful mission in the American accelerator 9mile Labs in Seattle, where they are just finalizing a new investment round. This time with private American investors, who were convinced by the caring, tenacious and motivated Slovenian team, that also built a reputation at the 9mile Labs accelerator with an award for the best pitch at demo day, but more so because of their tireless hustling for the VIAR360 platform, that enables easy and fast creation of 360 in VR video content.

Secret agent Elvisa, team Delta 1

Adventure game of secret agents

Saturday the second day of our gathering was made exciting by the experts from team TBA, Akademije za teambuilding. What they prepared for us can be must better described by pictures, rather than words.


How we revealed the dangerous group of criminals

We will only mention that in this tense adventure game of secret agents we revealed the dangerous group of criminals and returned the stolen formula for a successful startup breakthrough, that we with joined powers and exact and coordinated movements of pencils and brushes illustrated on a giant painting with no limits, that will soon be available for viewing in Technology park Ljubljana. 


Video of the revealing of the painting with no limits



Super energetic stimulant can be tried in the spring

If it wasn't for so many open, dynamic and ambitious people who put together their heads and exchanged their experiences and ideas, we wouldn't have been able to find neither the super energetic stimulant, nor the laboratories of Start:up Slovenia initiative, that the before mentioned group of criminals tries to rob and destroy forever. The chosen SK startups will be able to try it out next spring at our next team building under Pohorje or in some other location, where the startup ecosystem will need the support of our excellent secret agents.

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