SI-SK as a Code For Private Investment Duplication


Do you have a fast-growing innovative company in the early stages of development?

Do you need fresh money for business and business development?
Does your company have growth potential and is already generating revenue?


The Slovene Enterprise Fund (SEF), within the scope of the SI-SK product, together with independent private investors (business angels, private / venture capital funds or corporations), offers investments or equity financing at the stage when your company still has difficulty accessing commercial banks financing or other traditional forms of financing.


Did you acquire a private investor or are you arranging an investment for your business? SEF will double it!


What does that mean? If you have acquired a private investor (business angels, VCs or corporations), that would invest into your company 100,000 EUR, SEF will add another 100,000 EUR under the same conditions.


Financing range:

  • From 100,000 EUR to 600,000 EUR, if SEF co-invests with business angels or private/venture capital funds; or
  • From 200,000 EUR to 600,000 EUR if SEF co-invests with a corporation.


In some exceptional cases, the company can acquire a total of up to 2,400,000 EUR, of which SPS co-invests 1,200,000 EUR, as well as does private investor.





And that is not it ... as a recipient of the SI-SK funds, you will also gain valuable content support in the form of mentoring sessions with experienced mentors, peer-to-peer networking as well as networking with other startup ecosystem stakeholders (teambuildings, conferences and other events), promotion, involvement in programs (accelerator programs, bootcamps, ...), etc. We have named this comprehensive support programme #StartupPlusProgram. Read more...


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If you need more information about SI-SK before applying, book a short meeting with the entrepreneurial advisor Mitja Sagaj from Venture Factory, who will answer your questions.



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