Demo day: significant team progress in idea development and pitch quality

Day 30. September 2014 posted Stanislava Vabšek
Working hard during the working weekend had been worth it! Today, 25 teams participating in the procedure of pre-selection for the tender SK50 and accelerator Start:up Geek House presented their ideas in front of the committee of 20 start-up mentors. After having worked intensely with mentors, all of them showed significant progress in one or more key elements of the business idea and pitch quality.
For entrepreneurs who submitted an application for the pre-selection procedure for the tender SK50 and business accelerator Start:up Geek House, the previous weekend passed in a flurry of activity. They did everything for the Demo day, from working intensely with mentors and developing their business idea to perfecting their presentation for pitching in front of the committee of start-up mentors.

At today’s demo day, 20 prominent representatives from the Slovenian entrepreneurship, investor and start-up scene were participating: Anselmi Maria (Bisnode), Blatnik Aleš (, Drobnak Branko (Business Angels of Slovenia), Erjavec Tomaž (Doctrina), Furlan Štefan (Optilab), Golob Matej (30Lean), Gregorčič Tadej (Motiviti), Jakulin Davor (Atech elektronika), Kunaver Primož (Primum), Lindič Jaka (EF Ljubljana), Logar Andraž (3fs), Andrej Muževič (PhMR), Pečanac Kristjan (Hekovnik), Petrič Matjaž (5M), Pipan Gregor (Xlab), Pučko Jure (Doctrina), Rismal Borut (Pasadena), Stele Jaka (eDition Digital), Stritar Rok (EF Ljubljana), Zabasu Tatjana (RSG Kapital). 

The demo day was also attended by many private investors, in organisation of the Business Angels of Slovenia club.

Pitches significantly improved

All 25 start-up teams were excellently prepared for the demo day. Compared to their presentations and performances at the working weekend, teams achieved significant progress in pitching their business ideas. A lot of them used the working weekend and the mentors’ feedback to add or upgrade crucial elements of the development of the product, business model or customer segmentation, but they especially knew how to clearly present all their competitive advantages and crucial use values for users.

Up to 40 tender points in the pre-selection

The entire pre-selection process consisted of the application filled out correctly and promptly, a personal presentation of the business idea, participation at the working weekend and pitching at the demo day. Throughout all this, start-up teams were trying for a collective 40 points that the Slovene Enterprise Fund will take into account when evaluating the final tender application. The minimal amount of points for obtaining an investment (a 50,000 € convertible loan) and participating in the accelerator Start:up Geek House is 60. The deadline for submitting the final application is Friday, October 10th 2014.


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