Celje fair and partners rewarding business talents

Day 23. July 2012 posted Stanislava Vabšek

Celje fair and its partners rewarding business talents

MOS is the largest trade fair event in the region and has, in more than four decades, triggered numerous successful business stories at home, while its help also enabled a lot of Slovenian entrepreneurs to make first contact and start a successful business path on foreign markets.

MOS brings numerous opportunities and opens its door to the most enterprising, innovative and bold!
The company Celjski sejem d.d. wishes, as the organiser of the Fair of all fairs, to offer an opportunity to brave and innovative young entrepreneurs at the 45th MOS. They will be able to present themselves in the company of more than a 1000 directly present exhibitors from more than 30 countries.
Goal of the tender
Fair Celje and its partners offer a 4,000 EUR worth package of services to THREE most enterprising talents:

  • 9 m2 of exhibition space with equipment at the 45th MOS in the exhibition hall L1 in the company of the most enterprising from Slovenia and abroad
  • One year access to the web office that allows the user easier business anywhere in the world
  • Making a video presentation of the company which will enable you to achieve bigger visibility and promotion
  • Making or optimising a Facebook profile
  • Advice for writing the business plan
  • General promotion in all communication means that will allow this (brochure for fair visitors, answers to reporter questions about the events of the fair, PR articles, announcement at the press conference before the fair)

Chosen business talents can ensure their products, services and presence at the fair, and take advantage of the potential of the Fair of all fairs.
All chosen young entrepreneurs and innovations will be specifically introduced in the fair catalogue, bulletin and on the official website of the fair and partners.
Who can apply?
We invite young entrepreneurs to up to 28 years and owners of innovative business ideas, inventions or improvements, to present their business path to more than 140,000 visitors that visit MOS in the seven fair days.
Application deadline
Fill out the application form and send it to the address Celjski sejem, d.d., Dečkova cesta 1, 3102 Celje with subscript ZA RAZPIS 45. MOS, until the 3rd of August at the latest.
Selection criteria
The received applications will be looked over by the expert committee of visible, innovative representatives of business and media who will choose, on the basis of the presented business story and innovative idea, those who will be able to introduce themselves at the 45th MOS. You will be informed about the selection until the 17th of august 2012.
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