Listen to Three Resounding Entrepreneurial Stories of 2020

Day 27. December 2020

As befits the end of the year, let us wrap up with some of the most prominent entrepreneurial stories of 2020. In the podcast below, the successes and challenges of this year are candidly discussed by Matija Kovač from the platform TAIA, which received 1.2 million euros in investments this year, Eva Štraser from the startup Evegreen - the recipient of numerous awards for innovation and a company that attracts a lot of attention from industry clients, and Mic Melanšek from Little Heroes, which sold over 2 million books this year. 


"We dared to do stupid things and that was crucial for us. We didn't do things by the book - advertising, making products. We really followed what drove us," Mic said of the beginnings of Little Heroes and the madness, the audacity to do things differently that he and Rado continue to follow today. 

Listen to the podcast to hear more about their accomplishments, their challenges and the winning mentality. Among other things, you will also hear about:

  • how the creation of the TAIA platform and the purchase of Matija's father's sailboat are related,
  • why many big companies such as Atlantic Grupa, Gorenje and others have tried to persuade Evegreen to work together and how the Slovenian president Borut Pahor is involved,
  • what this year’s reality check was for Little Heroes, in which Rado and Mic found out “what a big monster they actually created”,
  • why TAIA still relies on frequent market research and Little Heroes on the most off-the-shelf approach,
  • in what way our guests choose new markets and when the market becomes profitable,
  • how much money Little Heroes spent on advertising last year,
  • the turning point, at which these companies gained tremendous customer interest.

Get comfortable and press PLAY. 


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