Mesi Medical - Startup of the Year 2011 Finalist - Receives €18 Million Investment

Day 23. June 2023

SHS, a leading healthcare investor, has invested €18 million in an innovative Slovenian company that was a finalist in the 2011 Slovenian Startup of the Year Award and has already predicted its success today. MESI is a pioneer in simplifying and digitizing diagnostic workflows in all healthcare settings, from general practice to assisted living. 


MESI's mission is to develop innovations for the early detection of medical conditions. Its focus is on digital diagnostics that help clinicians collect, understand and contextualize data relevant to diagnosis and other professional decisions. 


Since its inception in 2010, the company has contributed to a better understanding of arterial disease through the concept of easier detection of peripheral arterial disease. They are now working to do the same for other cardiovascular diseases. In 2022 alone, their technology helped detect cases in over 220,000 patients, and over 40,000 cases were digitally referred to specialists for a second opinion, making treatment more efficient and saving time and money. 



The investment in MESI reflects SHS' commitment to supporting high-growth companies that develop products and services to treat patients more efficiently, deliver higher quality care and reduce healthcare costs. Together, SHS and MESI will be able to drive significant change in healthcare and help more patients receive better quality care.



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