The Chipolo One Spot Is the First Bluetooth Tracker to Connect to Apple’s Find My App

Day 14. April 2021 posted Karmen Trs

In early April, the American technology giant Apple introduced an updated version of the Find My application, which opened its global Apple Find My network to external product manufacturers. In a news item published on the Apple Newsroom, the Slovenian Chipolo ONE Spot was singled out as one of the first three products to obtain the location of lost personal items with the help of the Apple Find My network. The other two companies that got this remarkable business opportunity are Belkin and VanMoof.


Chipolo is a Slovenian brand that is recognized in the world as one of the two best in the field of object search engines. In 2014, the company was the recipient of SK200 funds provided by the Slovene Enterprise Fund. The existing product line, which consists of a Chipolo ONE pendant and a Chipolo CARD, has been expanded by the company with a special edition Chipolo ONE Spot.


Primož Zelenšek, CEO of Chipolo said:

“At Chipolo, we always strive to make it easier for users to search for items on a daily basis. So far, our products have helped users find lost items and reminded them when they forgot them. With the new Chipolo ONE Spot product, they will be worry-free if they lose personal items, as they will be much easier to find with the help of the Apple Find My network."

Chipolo ONE Spot is an upgrade of their ONE tracker and will work exclusively with the Apple Find My app. It will allow you to connect to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac devices and search for lost personal items such as keys, backpack, luggage or a child's favorite toy. Once users connect the Chipolo ONE Spot to the Apple Find My app, they will be able to use the following features:
Object locating: The Apple Find My app will be able to check the latest known location of missing objects obtained through the Apple Find My network, which consists of hundreds of millions of Apple devices worldwide.
Audio playback: In cases where their personal items are nearby, they will be able to trigger the Chipolo ONE Spot ringtone in the Apple Find My app.
Security: The Apple Find My network uses an advanced encryption method that ensures that no one else, not even Apple or Chipolo, has access to the Chipolo ONE Spot location.



The head of marketing at Chipolo, Nika Kramžar, said the following about the company's achievement:


“Chipolo has built up considerable visibility in its almost eight years of operation. The exposure on Apple's news portal is the result of our efforts and hard work in recent months, and a completely unique achievement that we are very proud of. In recent days, interest in our products has literally exploded, both from the media and from end customers and business partners. "


Pre-orders for the first, very limited stock of the Chipolo ONE Spot will be available to anyone who signs up for the waiting list on the Chipolo website in early May, and the first products will be shipped in early June.







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