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If you are passionate about developing sustainable solutions that make our world a better place, you are in the right place! The European Commission's international Space for the Financial World CASSINI Hackathon will take place from 4 to 6 November in Maribor. This time, the organization is in our hands, which makes us incredibly proud. We are already looking forward to the new challenge! 


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"We are delighted that the European Commision recognized our experience and the references we have gained from the hackathons we have organized in the past and has entrusted us with the co-organization of the fourth CASSINI Hackathon. It is a great challenge for which we are extremely grateful and more than ready," said Matej Rus, Director of Venture Factory.

Take a look at the Mobility Hackathon 2018, organized by Venture Factory:



The CASSINI Hackathon is a place where we will develop new solutions in the fields of financeinsurance and investment that integrate data from European space technology programs and contribute to Europe's sustainability and green goals.


We're on the lookout for individuals and companies, and you might be one of them


if you are a student …

… and are interested in applying space technologies to business, this is a unique opportunity to learn new skills, think outside the box and find solutions to help make the future a better place. 


if you have a company that …

… operates in the financial sector, green sustainability solutions or space technologies; this is a unique opportunity to network with like-minded people, discover new ways to go green and learn about European space technologies' opportunities. 


if you have a startup that …

… is building its solutions around the financial sector, green entrepreneurship or space technologies; this is a unique opportunity to showcase your idea, network with experienced entrepreneurs and discover the opportunities that European space technologies can offer. 


if you are an expert …

… in the financial sector, green sustainability solutions or space technologies, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge with budding entrepreneurial hopefuls and design new solutions with the help of European space technology.

If you are interested, go ahead and send an email to

CASSINI Hackathon participants will be able to choose between three exciting and potentially world-changing challenges


We will tackle challenges that matter for out future. The plan is to envision the future of finance, insurance and investment that leverages data from the European space programs Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS while meeting the sustainability goals (ESG and SRI). aLotili se bomo reševanja izzivov, ki so pomembni za našo prihodnost. 

You can read more about the EU space technologies here

CHALLENGE #1 Enabling green and sustainable investment


In today's world, investors are increasingly using environmental and social criteria to identify significant risks and opportunities for growth better and more quickly. Challenge #1 seeks solutions that will enable investors and companiesto make sustainable and environmentally sound investments with as little risk as possible, considering ESG (Environmental, Social and Corportate Governance) and SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) criteria. It is, therefore, about solutions that will make investing in green companies and other investment opportunities more transparent, easier to find and evaluate, and more transparent about the risks of such investments. 

Wondering what ESG and SRI are? Read about it in the  glossary.

We encourage participants to explore the areas of:

  • Social or environmental impact investing;
  • ESG and SRI-focused portfolio development;
  • Sustainable business operations;
  • Carbon offset trading.


E.g., imagine a solution that uses satellite imagery to analyze a company's sustainability performance (greenhouse gas emissions) and assigns it a score that an investor can use to make investment decisions. 


CHALLENGE #2 Innovating financial tools and technologies


As the threat of natural disasters rises, many companies are using data tools to help them predict their impact, and this is where satellites can be of great help. Satellite imagery provides much more accurate information, making protecting people, nature and property more reliable. Insurance companies can use this data to enrich existing services or develop new ones. Satellites, considered the most accurate timekeepers, provide financial institutions with precise data and reliable tools to ensure security and data synchronization. Challenge 2 seeks solutions that will enable better traceability, data disaggregation, more accurate risk and loss assessments, sophisticated risk modeling and data-driven business and investment decisions. 


  • We encourage participants to explore the areas of:
  • Traceability for banking and financial institutions;
  • Claims and damage assessment;
  • Risk modeling and risk assessment;
  • Novel and innovative insurance products;
  • Index production;
  • Financial software or mobile applications.

E.g., imagine a new model for calculating insurance claims in agriculture, based on predefined weather parameters obtained from satellites (index-based insurance) instead of a lengthy field visit.  




Stock market volatility and financial risk can be avoided or reduced with the help of European space technology and the data it generates. With satellite data, companies, organisations, investors, insurance companies can enrich their business and investment strategy and avoid risks. Commodity trading is a susceptible area, where natural disasters play a considerable role. Challenge 3 seeks solutions that will allow better visibility and use of satellite data in commodity trading and stock trading.


We encourage participants to explore the areas of:

  • Commodities trading;

  • Stock market intelligence;

  • Financial risk reduction.

E.g., imagine a solution that, based on rainfall, adjusts investment decisions related to grain purchase from a specific geographical area. 

Find out more about the challenges here!

In addition to the Slovenian Venture Factory, the CASSINI Hackathon will take place in 9 European countries:


To register, click below. But to find out more about the hackathon, go here




we invite ambitious companies and mentors to join us


The Hackathon is an excellent opportunity to meet talented and ambitious individuals and build out-of-the-box solutions. If you are a company that wants to contribute to the creation of breakthrough solutions based on the concept of open inovation and can support the Hackathon with your knowledge, experience and other resources, you are welcome to participate.


On the other hand, mentors are an indispensable part of the Hackathon and will support the creative energy of the participants with their knowledge and experience.


Hackathons truly are the right place to innovate, network and create new business opportunities, so don't miss out on the chance to get involved!

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