An incredible response to the book Running Lean

Day 26. May 2014 posted Stanislava Vabšek
First thousand downloads of the e-book Running Lean in less than 48 hours!

Less than 48 hours after the opening of the international entrepreneurship and start-up conference PODIM 2014, at which the Slovenian translation of the manual Running Lean (publisher Pasadena) had also been presented for the first time, more than a thousand users have already downloaded the free e-book. Delaj Vitko is the Slovenian translation of the Amazon book bestseller Running Lean from the author Ash Maurya, one of the keynote speakers at this year’s PODIM. It revolutionized the world of high-tech start-up companies (start-ups). The interest for free download of the Slovenian e-book has exceeded all predictions and expectations of the publisher, the initiative Start:up Slovenia and other ambassadors and supporters of the methodologies of lean entrepreneurship.
One for each Slovenian citizen
The free electronic version of the manual Delaj vitko was made possible because of a financial donation from Iza and Samo Login, main founders and owners of the company Outfit7. With abundant promotional support of the Initiative Start:up Slovenia, organiser of the PODIM conference and ambassador of lean entrepreneurship amongst entrepreneurs, innovators and the entire Slovenian start-up ecosystem, the number of downloads of the free e-book has exceeded all expectations and predictions. Otherwise the website offers 2 million free e-versions of the Slovenian translation of the book – one for each Slovenian individual. 
The thousandth user from the lean corporation
In the inspiring book Running Lean, the author Ash Maura leads us through a very systematic procedure for quickly checking ideas for a new product or business and thus strongly increase possibilities for success. It’s very useful in the start-up community as well as in already established organisations. This is also confirmed by the thousandth user who downloaded the free e-book, namely France Koren, MSc, member of the management board in the company Hidria, who is in charge of constant improvements. “In Hidria, we know of lean methodology and use a lot of these sorts of tools. But time and time again, we become aware of the human aspect of innovation and improving products and processes. Determination and readiness for changes, two things that start-up companies have naturally built into their existence, are two of the key challenges in established corporations, which is why I expect this book will help me answer more than just a couple of questions,” said Koren, who also received a printed copy of the book upon the thousandth download.
Supporters of non-commercial publication
The Slovenian publication of the book Delaj vitko is non-commercial in its essence. The initiative for the translation was given and carried out by the publishing house and accelerator Pasadena, while others joined the promotion. These others were namely the communication agency Luna TBWA (communication materials and plan), company D.Labs (web support), Initiative Start:up Slovenia (ambassador of lean entrepreneurship amongst entrepreneurs and innovators in the starting phases of company development) and 30Lean, which is introducing the approaches of lean entrepreneurship into the culture of already established companies. Samo and Iza Login donated financially, which didn’t enable only a free copy of the e-book, but also the decrease of the selling price from 24,90 to 9,90 €. Publishers and supporters will show their thanks by giving a printed copy of the book to the new owner at every thousandth download.
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