Austrian Carinthia is a True Hotspot for Startups

Day 21. June 2021

Do you also have a good business idea, but you are not sure if you can implement it and you do not know how and where to start? With the right mentoring, business and financial support and in the right environment, getting started is much easier. And it is this support for startups that Austrian Carinthia offers. In recent years, it has developed into an attractive, stimulating and dynamic environment for start-ups. Today, it is the center for startup companies, as entrepreneurs from different countries found 2,700 startup companies in one year.

Austrian Carinthia is a good starting point for startups. It offers many regional advantages, has good logistical connections and comprehensive support from startup companies.


Austrian Carinthia Offers Startups a Wide R:


  • Obtaining information

In the early stages of starting a business, you can find a lot of useful information on the StartNet Carinthia platform about contact points, contacts, events and a strong business network in Carinthia, Austria. You can also apply promising business ideas to the DurchSTARTer program of the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce, which supports the founders until they enter the market.


  • Startup advice

You can open your own business just across the border. BABEG, a specialized investment promotion agency in Carinthia, Austria, helps you open a new business, including an international one, provides strategic advice and professional support throughout the preparation phase.


  • Choosing the right location

Accessible traffic routes, production facilities and suppliers, and established sales channels of the route are important factors in deciding where your business will have it's home base. The Carinthian Industrial Association (IV Kärnten), which is well acquainted with the local business environment, can also help you with valuable experience and advice.


  • Building solid foundations

The ecosystem for startups is diversified: companies encourage and help them at the beginning of the journey, e.g. Lakeside Science and Technology Park in Klagenfurt, University of Klagenfurt, start-up point build! and others.


You can also meet brave like-minded people with an innovative strength and entrepreneurial spirit in the environment offered by Makerspace Carinthia: here your idea can become tangible with professional prototyping machines and space for creative exchange.


  • Starting a business

The Carinthian Chamber of Commerce's business start-up department provides advice on all issues related to formal establishment, taxes and social security, minimum sales and marketing.


Interested? You can find more information here.

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