Slovenian companies on Amazon Europe this year already

Day 9. April 2019 posted Mitja Sagaj
Already this year, Slovenian companies will be able to do their sales through the online retailer Amazon Europe, reports the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT), which has spent the last year intensely working on solving the problem of Slovenian companies not being able to do their business through the online store of this giant. The credit for this achievement also goes to the action plan Slovenia – the land of startups, for which removing this obstacle had been a priority. 

Amazon will, until the third quarter of this year, technically adapt its business in a way that will enable the placement of Slovenia amongst supported countries, was the pleased announcement from the MGRT, whose representatives have been intensely collaborating with Amazon’s representatives in order to enable Slovenian companies to do business through the Amazon Europe platform as soon as possible. 
"As we have already let the Slovenian public know, we put a lot of effort into providing a solution as quickly as possible, as we are well-aware of the importance of this sales channel for Slovenian companies," said the ministry and added that at the last meeting with Amazon representatives in Brussels at the end of last year, they cleared up all Amazon’s hesitations preventing business of Slovenian companies, while further coordination had led to a solution. 
According to the ministry, Amazon has started carrying out all the necessary investment activities for technically adapting online operations, which will enable them to place Slovenia amongst the supported countries for companies doing business via the Amazon Europe platform. This will happen approximately in the third quarter of this year.
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