Slovenian Platform for Half-Million Lamborghini

Day 24. November 2021 posted Anemari Pediček

Slovenian startup Motulii presented its innovative solution, a platform that can lift a vehicle up to three metres high, at the 34th Motor Show in the Swiss capital Zurich. In Slovenia, the advantages of the platform have been recognised by many companies, and the platform has been used at marathons, in front of car washes, in front of car dealerships and similar locations. 


Conquering Switzerland

This year, for the 34th consecutive year, the Zurich Motor Show took place between 4 and 7 November, and was also attended by Slovenian start-up Motulii, which developed an innovative lifting platform.



Director and Project Manager Anton Jakše said:

"I am extremely pleased to see the platform getting recognized abroad, as the Slovenian market is relatively small for such an innovation."


Not just an ordinary platform

Motulii, which is also a recipient of P2 funding from the Slovene Enterprise Fund, has created a creative solution, a lifting platform for vehicles, boats or other products of up to two tonnes. The lifting platform has a number of characteristics that make it unique. One of the platform's biggest advantages is its ease of transport, as it has its own wheels, making it easy to move around the site. It is very flexible and can be placed on uneven terrain, which means that finding space for the platform is simple. Operating the platform is also trouble-free as all that is needed is a special controller and lights, which provide extra visibility.



The main advantages of the platform are: 

  • Maximum height: 3 metres.
  • Minimum height: 11,5 centimetres.
  • Flexible on uneven terrain. 
  • Good visibility even at night.
  • Transport by towing vehicles.
  • Easy to move around the site.
  • Easy to operate.

The company believes that its solution will help solve the logistical problems of setting up and moving new and used cars in showrooms.


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