WiBuBa bar, Stablezyme and WrapUp Tortillas Take First Place in This Years Rector's Award!

Day 16. November 2022 posted Start:up Slovenija

Nine innovative entrepreneurial projects were awarded the Rector's Award worth a total of EUR 18,000 in the competition for the best innovation at the University of Ljubljana.


In the students and alumni category, the first prize went to the WiBuBa bar idea - a set of three granola bars containing a unique blend of foods to ensure optimal development through adequate nutrition for mother and child. Second place went to Vodotopni kanabinoidi (water-soluble cannabinoids), an approach that increases the water solubility of virtually all cannabinoids, thereby increasing their usefulness. The third prize went to the team behind PsyAI, which aims to extend the use of artificial intelligence and big data to treat mental disorders.


In the University of Ljubljana researchers and staff category, the first prize went to the team with the idea Stablezyme. This solves the problem of the industrial use of enzymes, which is limited mainly due to the instability of these molecules and their high cost, so the ability to use them for longer in flow systems is essential for increased implementation. The second prize was awarded to the idea Kavitacija za čiščenje odpadnih voda (cavitation for wastewater treatment), which aims to take the first step towards sustainable wastewater treatment by developing a new processing technology, such as hydrodynamic cavitation. The third prize was awarded to the idea Mobilni robotski sistem z računalniškim vidom za nadzor in manipulacijo rastlin in plodov v rastlinjaku (mobile robotic system with computer vision for the control and manipulation of plants in the greenhouse). The team members want to use a modular automated platform to solve various challenges that greenhouse owners face, such as early detection of diseases and pests on plants.


In the category of students with ideas, solutions and innovations for society's challenges, the first prize went to students with the product WrapUp tortillas, which contribute to solving the problem of waste or by-products in the food industry, while offering people a healthy, tasty and nutritionally rich solution. The second prize went to OptiLife, an idea that aims to offer companies solutions that will take employee well-being to an even higher level - enriching work environments within diverse companies with psychological knowledge to make workers' lives more psychologically friendly. The third prize went to the idea Vez, a solution that addresses mental health issues. It is a hybrid service between counseling and a digital platform that will connect all the most relevant providers and help-seekers in Slovenia.



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