Get to Know Katapult - The City of Acrobats

Day 30. May 2022 posted Nina Skok

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea and are looking for an environment of like-minded people who understand you and support you?

Katapult, an entrepreneurial accelerator set up by our long-time partner Dewesoft, is looking for companies developing hardware. With excellent support, they can prevent you from making many mistakes and failures, as well as help you achieve growth in the market.


Have a look at what they have prepared for everyone that is developing hardware solutions. A message for so-called "acrobats".


Firstly, who is an ACROBAT?

Acrobats are all of us who have to test the limits of what is possible, who enjoy creating, and who are constantly wondering "how do I solve this, how do I improve it". Visionaries. Remarkables. We are very rare, so we are sometimes lonely. And this is why we built Katapult – The City of Acrobats. 

Are you with us? Well, in this case, this is the perfect place for you. Join us!


Here, right in the middle of it all, there is a building for your company. Tell us what your business idea is, and what your product is, and we'll tell you where in the city you can get support. Oh, the only limitation is – the city is only for Avcrobats who have (or are developing) hardware solutions.



On your right side, there is FABRKA (factory). If you enter, you will see quite a few top shit machines (laser sheet metal cutting, CNC, pick'n'place, welding ...). Yes, you can use them. If you know how. If not, we have masters here who can do that for you. 

There are also test devices – you have to test the product, of course (vibration, shock, temperature chamber, climate chamber, EM tests ...). In case you have a food product, there are also many professional machines available to you, so you don't have to buy your own yet. 




If you go back to the road and into the city, you will run into our OFFICES. Here you can rent an office, maybe a meeting room. You can hire an accounting or administration team, legal services ...


Once you start manufacturing your products regularly, you can also use the shared fulfillment center in the city of Acrobats. Tina takes care of everything, packs it and distributes it. 


You must pass by the wall of our geniuses. There you can find stories of Slovenian, Trbolvlje's and Katapult's Acrobats – our role models (Peter Florijančič, Janez Puh, Rudi Finžgar, Jure Knez, Mark Pleško, Ivo Boscarol, Primož Zelenšek …), even those who have stopped production. Failures are only preparing you for bigger success stories. Why not mention that too? There you can read the story of Spacelink, Hillstrike, and Ironat ... Don't know them yet? You will soon. 



Like any important city, we have our own school. We teach you everything you need to know to make a successful company like our role model – Dewesoft. The BUSINESS MOSAIC training courses guide you step by step through everything you need to know.  Everything is taught by successful entrepreneurs from their own experiences, so no unnecessary or outdated theories. 




We have a gym to keep fit. Obviously. You are trained by real masters in their respective fields (we have strong support from the world-renowned company Dewesoft). The mentors are still active in their industries, so they have the latest information and contacts from the market. Yes, sometimes the right contact comes in very handy ... Are you interested in who our masters are? Here’s the list of mentors >>


If you look around, you'll also find a noticeboard (where we post what's happening), the city statutes (we have our own rules, of course, there has to be order), and signposts to make sure you don't get lost. We even have a first aid kit and an Acrotest – a test to see if you're a real acrobat.


So we don't bore you too much – just come to our city and look around. I promise you won't be bored, but only if you're an Acrobat. In this city, you can develop your product from the initial idea to production (prototype, testing, production facilities, services, fulfillment). All in one place.


If you're an Acrobat, you probably feel a bit misunderstood sometimes. A little different from the majority. Yes, visionaries can sometimes be a little weird to others. But here in the city of Acrobats, we understand you, we create with you, we add more crazy ideas, and we help you develop innovative products ... To change the world together. 

P.S. Where are we? In the center of the world. In Trbovlje. 


Yes, I am an Acrobat! How do I reach you?”   

  1. Present your idea/prototype/product to us >>.

  2. Wait for us to contact you (we will).

  3. Prepare a pitch for the board of mentors (watch out, they’re strict).

  4. We take a look at how we can help you in our city.

  5. Go back to 1. 

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