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Day 3. July 2023

When developing hardware products, customers need to be involved and listened to at the earliest possible stage. Ideas should be tested in the market before development, and competitors should be closely monitored.


Katapult in Trbovlje, almost synonymous with hardware accelerators in Slovenia, is also the home of the international HardwareSTART conference. It is dedicated to all companies and entrepreneurs involved in the development and production of hardware products. The organizers of the event, Dewesoft, Katapult and Zavod mladi podjetnik (Young Entrepreneur Institute), brought excellent speakers to the stage in Trbovlje. In two sessions of the event, they provided valuable advice and experience on the development of ideas, prototypes and products, as well as technology, production and business processes.


To learn more about hardware development and what the experts had to say at the event, use your favorite translation tool to read the full article at the link below.





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