Meet Woice, SLOVENIAN START:UP OF THE YEAR 2023 Finalist

Day 23. May 2023 posted Anemari Pediček

Nowadays, there are many tools available to facilitate communication and coordination between international teams working remotely. However, these tools also pose significant challenges to teams due to the volume of text in different applications, the noise of channel history and the overload of after-hours notifications while failing to create a supportive culture among colleagues.


Introducing Woice, an asynchronous audio messenger tool for teams that works without notifications and helps improve work-life balance across time zones. It allows users to send audio messages that are added to the conversation and automatically subtitled. Team members can listen to them during their own working hours, adapted to their time zone. With Woice, they can replace standard meetings with voice communication, create conversation rooms, read the tone of the message from the voice and avoid misunderstandings that can occur with text messages.


They are a fast-growing company, with a revenue of €820,000 in its second year of operation. They sell their products and services to world-famous international start-ups.


Because of its potential, Woice has been selected as one of the 5 most promising companies to compete for the Slovenian Start:Up of the Year Award.




Join us on 30 May at 18.00 at the SiTi theatre in Ljubljana.





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