Enter Your Startup in the Register of Innovative Start-ups

Day 7. October 2021

Do you want your startup to be recognized more quickly and found by other established companies, startups, and consortia? Do you want social proof that your company is innovative? A trustworthy startup? This can be your reference when making deals or when applying for tenders.


By entering your company in the Register of Innovative Startups, run by the Slovene Enterprise Fund, you confirm the status of your innovative company.


What else can you gain? 

  • The greatest current direct benefit is associated with easier employment of foreigners, as it shortens and simplifies the process for them.
    Strengthening Slovenia's role as a country of startup companies and sending a message to decision-makers to pay even more attention to startup companies.
    The opportunity to help shape the Slovenian startup ecosystem with feedback, sharing experiences, and expressing support for measures.


If your company is..

  • a limited company,
  • less than 5 years old,
  • has at least 1 employee and
  • demonstrates a certain level of innovation and growth potential,
    is suitable for entry in the Startup register.


register your startup




If your company is the recipient of P2 or SK of the Slovene Enterprise Fund, you are already a member of the Slovenian startup community. We offer members free assistance in filling out the application for entry into the register.



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