Seize the moment, be the change, and start your idea in Slovenia!

Day 6. October 2015 posted Stanislava Vabšek
Watch the short, but very revealing, video that will convince you or make you discover that Slovenia is becoming one of the most attractive startup hubs for living and creating!

The biggest is born from the smallest – fire from a spark, human being from a cell and company from an idea. Big things happen only under the right circumstances, in the right moment. And ever since the European Commission provided access to capital and excellent mentoring and educational programmes through the Slovene Enterprise Fund, Slovenia, found in the heart of the Alps-Adriatic region, has seen the dynamic startup hub blossom!
In the strongly connected startup community, there are more offers of private capital but also a gap in startup funding that’s now effectively being filled by European funds. These are available to innovative companies through subsidies and different forms of equity and debt financing.
We’re also aware of the importance and power of crowdfunding. The European Commission prepared a clear guide on crowdfunding that increases the chances of success for many globally resounding Slovenian crowdfunding campaigns. 

With joint efforts of Start:up Slovenia & the European Commission in Slovenia. 
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