Discovering Useful Patterns in Data and Learning New Knowledge Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Day 1. December 2022 posted Anemari Pediček

Do you agree that artificial intelligence and machine learning are among the hottest technologies of our time? 


The fourth Web 3.0 workshop was led by Tomaž Curk, who teaches bioinformatics and machine learning at the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics in Ljubljana. He introduced us to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning models, technologies used to find patterns in data, understand the problem and support decision-making. We also learned about and tested the use of the open-source Orange Data Mining software, which we used to perform data modeling, pattern discovery and trend spotting using species data as an example.


Dr. Tomaz Curk med predavanjem


Tomaž Curk 

3 key takeaways from the workshop

Web 3.0. workshop organizer Tina Črnigoj Marc from Arctur d.o.o. highlighted 3 key takeaways from the workshop: 


  1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning methods are considered to be extremely powerful tools for discovering patterns in data and extracting new knowledge that can be applied in practice.


  1. Despite the variety of data and problems that can be solved using AI and machine learning methods, the basic sequence of steps in building predictive models is the same. It is based on the continuous acquisition of new quality data and the iterative improvement of the models. Data acquisition and preparation is usually the most challenging step.


  1. The open-source Orange Data Mining tool is developed at the University of Ljubljana, specifically at the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics. The tool provides a visually intuitive, fast and interactive view of data and models. The main advantages of such tools are that they significantly speed up the process of refining predictive models and increase the understanding of the problem.


6 workshops, 3 meetings, networking and individual mentoring

The Web 3.0. accelerator program is implemented by Arctur together with Blockchain Alliance Europe z.o.o., Tecos, Razvojni center orodjarstva Slovenije, Yotta Advanced Computing d.o.o. and Urška Starc Peceny. 


The program is aimed at recipients of financial incentives from the Slovene Enterprise Fund and all companies in the early growth phase that want to acquire new knowledge in the use of Web3 technologies and successfully prepare their company for the challenges of the future.


The program consists of three additional meetings for companies from the Fund's portfolio and an informal networking session after the event.
Participants are also eligible for individual mentoring. Each company opting for individual mentoring will receive between 5 and 30 hours of mentoring from Web3 experts.


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