Meet Epidemic, Finalist of the Slovenian Start:up Of the Year 2022

Day 17. June 2022 posted Nina Skok

How does it go? An influencer and EPIDEMIC meet and enter the orbit of creativity... The world of influencers is diverse, colourful and, above all, influential! Instagram and TikTok are their playgrounds for spreading brands' reputation and credibility, while Slovenian startup Epidemic makes sure that all the key elements for a successful influencer-brand collaboration are in the right place at the right time.


Epidemic's business idea relies on the authenticity of nano and micro influencers, of which they have over 50 million in their database and have already successfully worked with 15 thousand influencers from 22 countries! Their right hand is artificial intelligence, which they use to find the most suitable "people next door" who fit their brand vision.


And who all has already fallen for Epidemic's clever marketing tricks? Wolt, Samsung, Hooray Heroes, Mercator and many others. They are also semi-finalists at Web Summit 2021, the largest technology conference in the world, and recipients of an award for their use of artificial intelligence from Amazon Web Services.


To date, they have worked with 15,000 influencers and 400 brands, running more than 500 campaigns.


A few words with Nika Kristina Butina, co-founder of EPIDEMIC

1. What would the title 'Slovenian Startup of the Year 2022' mean to you?

A marker on a mountain trail - a sign that we are heading in the right direction!


2. When will you become a Slovenian Unicorn?
We don't want to jinx it! ­čśÇ
3. What does the finalist of the Startup of the Year 2022 bring to the beach?
Eucerin sun cream, Lisca swimsuit, Heineken for refreshment, Doma─Źica cookies, Flaviar Gin collection, Poli towel and Samsung phone to order on Wolt.
4. Any advice for all future entrepreneurs who may be in your shoes next year? 

Celebrate the small victories and save some of them for when you sleep like a baby - waking up every two hours and crying :D


We will find out on 21st June whether Epidemic will be the team to earn the prestigious title of Slovenian Start:Up of 2022. The award, which for the fifteenth year in a row has been presented by Start:up Slovenia in cooperation with the Slovene Enterprise Fund, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and active stakeholders in the Slovenian ecosystem, will go to the team whose achievements, actions, reputation and development potential, represents a new generation of Slovenian innovative entrepreneurs.





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