Tomaž Dimnik is developing TripAdvisor for services, also addressing service startups!

Day 23. June 2016 posted Stanislava Vabšek

Tomaž Dimnik, entrepreneur, investor, and member of evaluating committees for Initiative Start:up Slovenia programmes, is tackling a new challenge with the former team that set up the portal! 

They wish to make the service market more transparent by launching a new portal, which can also be an important reference and springboard for service startups that are starting their path on the national market. The portal, called a “TripAdvisor for services” by Tomaž Dimnik, combines service providers on the one hand and opinions of their customers on the other. This way, the portal allows customers to reward good providers with a positive grade, and write a negative review about the bad ones. Additionally, startups can use the portal to gain trust of new customers and get real feedback from clients about their service. 
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