Established companies: improve your business model and sweep away your competition!

Day 12. January 2015 posted Stanislava Vabšek

Ambitious established companies that are interested in current knowledge and experiences of lean innovation (and innovative problem solving) are invited to a free 4-hour workshop. On Tuesday, January 20th, at the Faculty of Economics and Business Maribor.  

In search of breakthrough innovations

New players on the markets find the rapidity of changes exciting, while the already existing ones get worried, as they can never know where the next competitor is coming from and with what. These days everyone is searching for breakthrough innovations and we can only fight this by making breakthrough innovations ourselves.



A free workshop

We are inviting you to a free 4-hour workshop on the topic of lean business model innovation with the following content:

  • What are high-impact innovations and why do we need them?
  • Innovating business models not only products or services.
  • The role of management and innovators/entrepreneurs.
  • An overview of distinguishing competences and defining concrete challenges.
  • An insight into the process of doing lean business model innovation by yourself (Running Lean).
  • An overview of additional resources and the support environment.

The evolutionary law says that only the most adaptable ones survive, not the strongest ones. Adapt in time. Start by participating at the workshop.

REGISTER: send an e-mail with your information to

The workshop, organised by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics of the Faculty of Economic and Business (University of Maribor) will take place on January 20th from 12:00 to 16:00 o’clock, in the facilities of FEB UM in lecture hall S4, situated on Razlagova ulica 20 in Maribor.

The operation entitled “Centre for Open Innovations and Research of the University of Maribor” is partially financed by the European Union, namely from the European fund for regional development. The operation is part of the Operative programme for strengthening regional development potential for the period 2007-2013, 1st development priority: Competitiveness of companies and research excellency, priority orientation 1.1: Improving competitive capabilities of companies and research excellency.




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