Invoice Exchange Provides Slovenian Companies with More than EUR 100 Million in Short-Term Financing

Day 8. September 2021

Slovenian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have gained more than EUR 100 million in simple short-term financing in the last twelve months through the first online market for mutual (peer-to-peer) financing of Invoice Exchange companies.


Invoice Exchange brings together SMEs looking for quick short-term financing for their current operations, and companies with liquidity surpluses and financial investors who want to invest their money profitably and diversified.


Financing within 2 hours with Invoice Exchange

Invoice exchange offers financing to SMEs in the form of classic and silent purchase of receivables and loans with a maturity of up to 6 months. Financing is intended especially for those companies and sole proprietors who need it quickly and flexibly. It can be obtained with a few clicks via an online application 24/7. Companies receive money on their current account via the application within two hours of placing the order (during weekdays, before 3 pm).


To date, the Invoice Exchange has provided a total of more than EUR 293 million in short-term financing to SMEs through the online market.


Transforming into a joint stock company as a springboard for further development

In June and July this year, Invoice Exchange, in support of further growth and development, carried out an increase in share capital from the company's assets to EUR 250,000 and transformed into a joint-stock company with a two-tier management system.


Invoice Exchange is one of the most recognizable and successful representatives of innovative companies in the field of financial technology (fintech) in Slovenia. In 2016, Invoice Exchange, as a start-up company for the development of their financial platform, obtained financial support from the Slovene Enterprise Fund from the SK200 tender, and in 2019 a subsidy from the European Commission from the Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation.


It's financial platform in Slovenia is regularly used by more than 250 Slovenian companies. The mutual financing platform is also available to companies and investors in Croatia through P2P Finance.


Invoice Exchange Short-term financing
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