The tiniest and thinnest Bluetooth trackers in the world are Chipolo’s new products!

Day 8. January 2017

At the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show that took place from 5 to 8 January 2017 in Las Vegas, Chipolo introduced two new products – Chipolo Sticker in Chipolo Clip. Being smaller and thinner than any competitor on the market, they change the role of Bluetooth trackers, which can now be used on smaller and thinner items like glasses, wallet or personal documents. Besides spreading the line of their innovative products, Chipolo (recipient of Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK200 investment) is also launching its Chipolo Platform, which allows companies to integrate the power of the smart location in their products, and connect them into Chipolo’s network of lost items.

Chipolo Sticker

At about the size of a paper clip, Chipolo Sticker is the world’s smallest wireless tracking device. It is perfect for users who want to track items that have a small surface area and can’t easily attach to a traditional Bluetooth tracker, like a pair of glasses, a remote or headphones. While Chipolo Sticker is 63 percent smaller than its predecessor, the Chipolo Plus, its 85-decibel melody still packs a punch. The Chipolo Sticker is the first tracking device with built-in wireless charging capabilities powered by Energous Corporation’s WattUp* technology. WattUp is a revolutionary radio frequency (RF)-based charging solution that provides over-the-air power to quickly charge Chipolo Sticker.

Chipolo Clip

Chipolo Clip is the world’s thinnest battery-powered tracking device. It has a 90-decibel volume and is designed to easily attach to a student ID or passport. Users can take off the removable clip so it fits comfortably into a wallet too. Its non-replaceable battery lasts 12 months, and after that time, users can replace their Chipolo Clip with a new one for 50 percent off.

Network of lost items

Both new products pair with the Chipolo app, which is available on iOS and Android. When you misplace an item that is synced with Chipolo, the app can play a loud melody to guide you to the missing item as long as you are within 60 meters of it. If the item is out of Bluetooth range, the Last Known Location feature on the app displays where it was last seen. If a Chipolo is marked as lost and someone in the Chipolo Lost & Found Network comes within range of it, users are notified of its new location.

Products still in the development stage

Both products, the Chipolo Sticker and Chipolo Clip, are still in their development stages. Chipolo Clip will be available in spring 2017 and Chipolo Sticker at the end of 2017. In order to expand their network of lost items, Chipolo is also introducing the Chipolo Platform and inviting all interested companies to join their network. By using the Chipolo Platform, companies can add value to their products by integrating smart location, which allows a user to locate the product with sound or a map. Products that already have the in-built technology and speaker can simply integrate the Chipolo software. Otherwise Chipolo also offers interested companies their hardware, which enables tracking for their products. Companies that join the Chipolo Platform will be able to add their corporate image and logo to the Chipolo app.

Power of the smart location for less worries in life

“By opening up our platform to other companies, users will become part of the biggest network of lost items in the world, counting more than a million users,” said Tadej Jevševar, Chipolo co-founder. “By solving simple problems, we change the user’s daily routine. Our solution gives every item the power of the smart location, which makes users more carefree in their everyday lives.”

About the company

Chipolo is developing devices that help users find lost items quickly and simply. It’s active in 150 countries across the world and Chipolo helps find more than 50,000 lost items every day, building the biggest network of lost items in the world. The company was founded in 2013 by six high school friends and they still have their headquarters in Slovenia, more exactly in Trbovlje.
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