Meet SaleSqueze, Finalist of the Slovenian Start:up Of the Year 2022

Day 15. June 2022

Put your fingers on the keyboard, get ready, set, GO! Startup SaleSqueze believes that ordering from manufacturing companies, especially for complex and technical products, should be super simple.

In fact, with the help of their platform, the company's ordering processes are automated and simple, so we can say goodbye to manual work. B2B buyers place the order autonomously, the sales team finally gets to focus on value-adding activities, and the cost of sales drops drastically. Sweet, isn't it? And those loooong hours on the phone and answering emails? The Salesqueze platform does not know that exists. 


The platform is already used by more than 50 companies from Slovenia and the UK, with many satisfied customers including Impol, Aplast and Riko Ekos. Their customers are achieving top results - up to 90% fewer emails and 70% time saves in order processing. The platform has already processed 832,917 orders worth €200M.


The company received an angel investment in 2021 to successfully launch the business, start acquiring new customers and build the right team for the growth phase. The investors recognized both the potential in the solution itself, which addresses an extremely niche area with huge market potential, and in the team, which has the experience to prove that it is capable of conquering a complex, challenging market. The plan is to expand into the DACH market, the CEE region, the Scandinavian countries and the US market.


A few words with the SaleSqueze team

1. What would the title 'Slovenian Startup of the Year 2022' mean to you?

The flattering title is only held by a handful of companies, so it primarily means standing out from the crowd. Secondly, it is a confirmation of the hard work of the past three years, but it also brings us huge motivation for the future, a great opportunity to expand into foreign markets and an open door to getting seed investment. 


2. When will you become a Slovenian Unicorn?
Soon 😉.
3. What does the finalist of the Startup of the Year 2022 bring to the beach?
Apart from the basics like a swimsuit and a towel, a good book that expands your knowledge beyond business. That's a must. This year, we'll be reading Atomic Habits (James Clear), Why We Sleep (Matthew Walker) and The ONE Thing (Gary Keller). Hydration shouldn't be forgotten, so you need some watermelon and water hiding in the cooler, maybe ever a beer. Oh, and sunscreen, so we don't get sunburnt. Of course, a visit to the beach is not complete without family or friends. 
4. Any advice for all future entrepreneurs who may be in your shoes next year?The entrepreneurial journey is full of ups and downs, but don't stop believing in your vision, product and team - even when others have given up!


We will find out on 21st June whether SaleSqueze will be the team to earn the prestigious title of Slovenian Start:Up of 2022. The award, which for the fifteenth year in a row has been presented by Start:up Slovenia in cooperation with the Slovene Enterprise Fund, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and active stakeholders in the Slovenian ecosystem, will go to the team whose achievements, actions, reputation and development potential, represents a new generation of Slovenian innovative entrepreneurs.

order completed!



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