New global project of and imminent entrance of an international strategic investor!

Day 18. January 2016, web platform for finding and booking sport coaches, founded last year and a recipient of Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment, is rapidly developing and offering new innovative services. Now they will not only offer traditional sport trainings and coach bookings but live online video training sessions as well. The start of this offer will be marked by the celebrity online workout session with tennis star Ana Ivanović. In the next few months, they will also announce the entrance of a strategic investor, a multinational company, and launch new additional projects with global reach.


Exclusive celebrity video workout session

On Tuesday, 2 February at 17:30, Ana Ivanovič, tennis superstar playing the WTA tournament in Australia these days, will lead an exclusive video workout session live for the first time. Registered individuals will participate in an exclusive workout session she’s preparing with They’re expecting applications from all around the globe, and registration is still possible over is rapidly developing and growing

The Slovenian startup company is rapidly developing and doing business on the global market. As Marko Filej, CEO and founder of the company, says: “We’re developing into the right direction! In the next few months, we will announce a strategic investor, a global multinational company, and launch additional new projects with a global reach. We’re showing that even Slovenian web companies can break through to the global market if they have the right ideas and approaches.”

Global sports community is developing a global sports community by offering a simple and most cost-effective way for sports enthusiasts to find a qualified sports trainer. offers sports enthusiasts immediate access to thousands of sports trainers all over the world.
The platform offers sports trainers in various sports, from skiing to surfing. also offers its users location flexibility. Not only can they train their own sport in their hometown, they can also train with a trainer on vacation or on a business trip, anywhere in the world. Now also through online video workout sessions.
The initiator and founder of the company is the Slovenian Marko Filej. As co-owner, tennis star Ana Ivanović actively supports the development of the innovative internet sports platform

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