Pošta Slovenije will answer logistical challenges of the first and last mile in partnership with startups!

Day 28. March 2017

Pošta Slovenije is the most important provider of post service in the whole territory of the Republic of Slovenia with a more than 20-year tradition of independent business. To the challenges of digitalization, the Pošta Slovenije group answers with investments in IT and informatization in packet machines, automated post office, informatization of postmen, cashless mobile payments, electronic services and automatization of logistical processes. It is intensely partnering with stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem, where they see an important role to be played in partnerships with startups especially in the fields of mobility and transport or logistical challenges the so-called first and last mile. As this year’s PODIM Challenge blue chip partner, Pošta Slovenije will be on the lookout for teams working on innovative solutions for removing obstacles in the field of unsuccessful servings at home, empty cars on return from door to door deliveries, guaranteeing safety parameters with shipments sent under special laws, registered or insured post, and the economical challenges of guaranteeing a critical mass of post to reach the fitting profitability and effectiveness. 
The first stories of successful strategic partnerships with innovative companies have already been written in Pošta Slovenije, among them by introducing a solution for electronic serving called PoštAR as well as an offering of document digitalization of entry and internal post with the subsidiary company called APS PLUS.

Pošta Slovenije is building an own innovational ecosystem

Innovation and development are for Pošta Slovenije key sources to reach long-term progress. Thus, they will form a special innovational platform for a faster digital transformation of their company, as well as their business and private users. This platform includes connecting with stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem - Slovenian universities and institutes, research-development partners, domestic and foreign companies with innovative solutions as well as startups.

Attention Startups from the fields of mobility and transport! 

Since Pošta Slovenije is searching for strategic participation with startups, they will attend this year's PODIM conference as a "blue chip" partner, where they will be looking for teams, that are developing innovative solutions in the fields of mobility and transport with an emphasis on:

  • improvements and innovations for the "first and last mile", where the term the "first mile" refers to the picking up of packages at the senders and the term "last mile" refers to the last stage of the package delivery to the final addressee. The addressee can take the package at his home address, alternate address, a package machine, or in the post office. Serving the package is the most expensive part of the process. The reason is that due to the high percentage of unsuccessful servings at home, which causes additional costs of a new delivery, more kilometers and a bigger toll on the environment with dangerous emissions. When delivering door to door, a problem is also the empty car on the way back along with other challenges like guaranteeing safety parameters with packages sent on special laws, or registered post or an insured post as well as the critical mass of post to guarantee a fitting profitability and effectiveness;
Fields in which Pošta Slovenije is interested in cooperating and partnering with startups are also:
  • developing platforms, that can be used by other contractors of post and courier services around the world;
  • logistical know-how and sources;
  • all solutions that innovatively incorporate the fact that everyday there are around 2400 physically present postmen and a little less than 1200 vehicles on the grounds of the republic of Slovenia. 

Transformation into a modern package-logistics and IT company

These kind of partnerships, will help the Pošta Slovenija group in its own development - in a more modern international package-logistics and IT company. Along with a quality, safe and reliable execution of the core service, intense sales and active acquiring of new business, Pošta Slovenije put a lot of attention to the development of IT services, that it is actively marketing under the brand PosITa. As one of the safest and most trustworthy service providers of IT services and services in the fields of e-business in Slovenia, with an emphasis on the services of cloud computing, the Pošta Slovenije group is transforming into a provider of digital services, mostly with new services of e-serving, e-signing, cloud printing and digitalization of documents and entry post.

A tailor-made partnership 

With an active cooperation with domestic and regional startups, Pošta Slovenije wants to systematically recognize new entrepreneurial ideas and seek potential synergies with startups that want to co-create new successful business models. They are offering young startup companies in the seed stage, with which they will establish a partnership a tailored business and technological partnership that includes:
  • practical experiences and access to market - from the laboratory / garage to practical useful solutions,
  • a test environment for testing and innovative pilot solutions,
  • expert knowledge and experience - access to interior and exterior experts,
  • technological partnership and a possibility of joint candidacy in RR tenders,
  • possibility of joint investment in developing products and entering markets.

Why should you cooperate with Pošta Slovenije; where are its superpowers?

If you are a founder of a startup, that operates in the field of logistics or mobility and transport, one of the main arguments to cooperate with Pošta Slovenije is the fact that it is an esteemed, well established and reliable company, with the highest standards of business. Among its super powers Pošta Slovenije also puts:
  • a strong logistical and IT infrastructure, that can be used to gather big data. This includes a network of 550 post offices, 2400 postmen and more than 3000 means of transportation (trucks, cars, motorbikes, bikes and trailers, as well as the daily presence of postmen that are fitted with smart phones on the whole area of the republic of Slovenia.
  • a continuous improvement of post services to fit the demands and needs of users in accordance with their lifestyle,
  • a trustworthy and safe provider of IT services and services in the fields of e-business in Slovenia,
  • guaranteed investment in development and innovation,
  • a clearly defined strategy for cooperating with startups with a fitting interior organization,
  • a preparedness for common challenges of growth, that don't exclude capital investment in later-stage companies.


Get in touch with the representative of Pošta Slovenije

If you want to present your innovative idea in the field of logistics or mobility and transport, we invite you to write to Dragan Stjepanovič to his e-mail: dragan.stjepanovic@posta.si and set up a meeting at this year's PODIM conference. 

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Photo: Pošta Slovenije automated booth

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