The Start:up Alpe-Adria Summit will strengthen the cross-border cooperation of the Slovenian and Austrian ecosystems

Day 12. June 2020 posted Mitja Sagaj

The Start:up Alpe-Adria Summit, a two-day event of Slovenian and Austrian startup ecosystem stakeholders, that will take place on 23rd and 214th June, will give another boost to the realization of the vision of a cross-border startup ecosystem that could stand side by side with leading startup ecosystems on a global level.


The event, which will take place online in the light of the current situation, from the central venue in Klagenfurt and two additional venues in Ljubljana and Maribor, will not only strengthen the links between the Slovenian and Austrian startup ecosystems, but will also be an opportunity on possible ecosystem improvements and possible measures for improvement as well as to promote a common vision at EU and global level. As part of this effort, the event will serve as a vehicle for public revelation and promotion of the Alpe-Adria Startup and Scaleup Manifesto.


Thanks to a rich program of talks, round tables and three extremely interesting workshops, participation in the event is interesting for a wide range of participants, especially representatives of startups and scaleups, representatives of corporations and SMEs working with startups, universities and research and development institutions. , science and technology parks and incubators, government and other services that are part of a supportive environment for entrepreneurs.


Valuable experts' workshops for entrepreneurs

Experienced startup mentor, entrepreneur and futurist Francois Marmion will present in his workshop the importance of a wide view of entrepreneurs that need to be aware that the biggest changes for their business in the future will come from outside their industry. Therefore, a 360-degree overview is crucial, which will enable them to identify new business opportunities even outside their industry.


Robin Wauters, an experienced journalist, analyst and founding editor of, will share tips and tricks with entrepreneurs on how to increase their chances of maximizing the media impact of their entrepreneurial story. He will also give very concrete advice on how to prepare their communication campaign, how to present their startup to media and bloggers, what rules to follow, what buzzwords to avoid, as well as why it is crucial to establish a relationship with journalists at the beginning of the business journey to increase the chances to get covered over the time. Robin will also talk about creating podcasts, and will also introduce European media landscape.


Experienced investor and serial founder Francois Mazoudier will take the participants of his workshop to the guts of the venture capital and will share with entrepreneurs things no one else tell them. Why to raise money from VC (or not), what are the alternatives to VC funding, what do investors expect from startups, how do they use them instead of helping them, and he will also talk about the most common mistakes and misconceptions.


Attendance at the event is free of charge for all participants, registration is required at this link.

Start:up Alpe-Adria Summit
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