Smart heating controller accepted into the German accelerator Kraftwerk

Day 20. December 2016

Startup OptiHeat, which is the new project of the company Setran Plus, the recipient of Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK50 investment, has been chosen for a one-year programme of the German accelerator Kraftwerk in Bremen, Germany. The team pitched with the smart controller for heat pumps and optimization algorithms for optimizing the working of heat pumps.


14-month programme and 54,000€ investment

The Slovenian team consisting of Ivo Peperko, Rok Lončarič and Savo Bojić placed into the accelerator programme Kraftwerk in Bremen, starting in January. With the 14-month programme and investment in the amount of 54,000 EUR, the startuppers will develop under the umbrella of the Bremen energy company SWB, which is owned by the energy giant EWE.

Interesting for virtual power plants and smart networks

With the smart heat pump controller, they are planning a breakthrough on the German market, mostly in the fields of optimising the working of heat pumps with optimization algorithms, intraday trading, and the demand respond market. They are having detailed talks to be included in the programmes SINTEG and ENERA, which enable the development of pilot projects of virtual electric power plants and connected smart networks in the area of Northern Germany, and include many stakeholders.

Play contest for heat pump owners

If you have a heat pump at home and you wish to upgrade it with a smart controller, you can write to them at Among all received emails, they will choose 3 candidates and gift them the smart controller for their heat pump. They will also give the candidates free access to the app with which they can monitor the consumption and working of the heat pump and achieve at least 10 percent annual savings in operating costs.



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