Dispo Market Presents AutoFinder: Revolutionizing Fleet Management and Boosting Productivity

Day 7. July 2023

Knedl d.o.o. has released a new tool - AutoFinder - as part of the Dispo Market solution. It is designed to enable transport companies to speed up their work processes and improve fleet utilization in as little as 2 weeks.


AutoFinder takes into account all essential parameters when searching for loads, including price per kilometer, fuel costs, driver rest time and charging time for electric vehicles, etc. This comprehensive approach allows the system to generate the most optimal routes according to the user's needs. Currently, more than 200 trucks are on the road with Dispo Market, for which more than 4 million freight offers are automatically checked each month.


With AutoFinder, Dispo Market is transforming fleet management and providing transport companies with a powerful tool to optimize their operations, reduce manual work and increase productivity. As the transportation industry continues to evolve, AutoFinder promises to change the rules of the game, setting new standards of efficiency and enabling companies to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.


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