An all-Slovenian roadshow for the tenders SK50 and SK200, and the accelerators SGH and GG

Day 1. September 2014 posted Stanislava Vabšek

Everything you need to know about joining the new start-up accelerators SGH and GG as well as how to apply to tenders SK50 and SK200 in order to obtain seed capital in the amount of 50,000 or 200,000 €. 

Our start-up ecosystem is enriched by two new start-up accelerators, namely Start:up Geek House (SGH) and Go:Global (GG). They are connected to the two new tenders of the Slovene Enterprise fund, SK50 and SK200, which help start-up companies obtain 50,000 € or 200,000 € of seed capital.

The SGH accelerator is intended for all innovative, globally promising business ideas and start-up teams who wish to find their product-market fit as soon as possible, and enables them to:

  • obtain a 50,000 € convertible loan with the tender SK50,
  • participate in SGH Bootcamp, a thorough 3-month long education programme for acquiring the most modern business knowledge for building a lean and agile company,
  • work with and learn from excellent start-up mentors,
  • use free co-working facilities at seven different locations across Slovenia,
  • have administrative-expert support, media visibility and promotion at home and abroad, as well as receive help for finding potential partners and clients.

The GG accelerator is intended for all companies that have already demonstrated the value of their idea on the market and have clients for their products, but are in need of extra capital for global growth and company organisation. The accelerator enables them to:

  • obtain a 200,000 € equity investment with the tender SK200, invested directly by the Slovene Enterprise Fund under the condition that a private investor also joins the company,
  • participate in the investment preparation programme, as well as have access to private investors who would join the company as owners together with the Slovene Enterprise Fund,
  • join the intense education programme Go:Global for Growth, carried out with help of experienced entrepreneurs from home and abroad,
  • have a personal start-up mentor,
  • use partially-financed facilities and other infrastructures of partnering incubators and technology parks,
  • have administrative help, demanded by the new ownership investment and provided to the company by the assigned business consultant,
  • obtain media visibility and have help when searching for new business contacts, marketing and preparing promotional texts.

The entrepreneur can obtain 40 out of 100 possible points for the tenders SK50 and SK200 in the pre-selection phases for entering both accelerators. The threshold for obtaining an investment is reaching 60 points, based on the tender documentation of the Slovene Enterprise Fund.


All-Slovenian roadshow

Between September 2nd and 5th, we will organise the so called roadshows in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje and Nova Gorica – events at which we will introduce you to both accelerators and tenders, while at the same time personally advise you on how to prepare an application.

You will get first-hand information about:

  • the timeline and participation conditions for both accelerators,
  • content and legal details of the SK50 and SK200 tenders,
  • key differences and rules of equity financing,
  • the difference between a convertible loan and an equity investment,
  • how contracts are prepared and what are the most frequent questions/dilemmas of entrepreneurs when reading them,
  • where things can turn bad – experiences shared by entrepreneurs.

Where and when
Roadshow events will be organised at four locations across Slovenia – in Ljubljana, Maribor, Nova Gorica and Celje. Pick the location closest to you and submit an application for the event (participation is free, application is obligatory)




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