Zone guarantees rent payment!

Day 1. December 2015 posted Stanislava Vabšek

ZONE is the new real-estate service of Consensio, which is the first on the market to offer exclusive contracts that give landlords rent payment guarantee to a certain extent and insurance of the furnishings. On the other hand, it gives renters the opportunity to access a personalized and verified database of real-estate listings, strengthened with a simple and quick browser. All this with the purpose of changing the user experience of leasing or renting real-estate, saving time and energy when finding a suitable apartment, and ensuring a comprehensive, cost-effective solution, which also received Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment this year.

The number of users is persistently growing

Since its launch in October, the web platform ZONE has been consistently gaining users. A Facebook group has been created in support of them and they use it to post content posts and regularly educate, inform as well as gain new members.
The team of the startup also gives a lot of useful advice about renting and leasing real-estate to its users. A short while ago, they prepared an advice article 10 things you have to know when renting or leasing an apartment for the Med.Over.Net portal. Delo newspaper also wrote about their business idea.

They spend a lot of energy on establishing trust

Even though ZONE has been publicly present for only two months, sales have already flown and thus the team already sold several packages. The market reaction confirms all the research they’ve done so far to verify the business idea (surveys and interviews) because approximately 70 % of contacted potential customers express interest in the service package, especially for the part of the package called “rent guarantee”. Despite this, they spend a lot of energy on establishing trust due to the initial unrecognizability of the company and brand.

Planned steps for abroad

Due to encouraging results on the domestic markets, they decided for a step abroad. There, they already attracted the attention of private investors and are planning to present an adapted product for the German market in March next year. In the future, they wish to further increase the culture of renting and leasing real-estate, and establish trust between landlords and renters. 


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